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Thread: RPG: Lords of the Underworld

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    Default RPG: Lords of the Underworld

    Wooooo~ Time to get this thing started!! @Esiphas @Folter @Light Buster @Valkarma @HateSpawn98 And@RyuTama you've still got to edit, if you already have let me know, but I've got to approve you first before you can post.

    Elpis walked into what could be consider the War Room of the Hunter’s headquarters. Her keen eyes caught what was silently being said between her men. Her presence was instantly noticed when she appeared in the doorway. With or without her wings, which always got her noticed, her beauty alone could cause a crowd to stop and stare. Elpis smirked knowing full well her demon was enjoying the hope that always appeared at the sight of her. Hope to get with her romantically. Hope to win the war against “evil.” Hope for any and every possible thing in the world. Her demon was so content it purred in the pleasure of knowing all their hopes would shatter. Hope itself was a ture demon. To hope is to believe in something impossible that will never happen.

    Elpis came back to reality and fluffed her hair. The scent of lilac was suddenly in the air. She purposely stretched her pure white wings out and moved with a grace only an immortal could have. She slid into her seat with ease. “Ladies and Gentlemen, tell me have you found the Immortal Warriors yet?” Elpis asked with great concern. After Greece, there have been few encounters with the Immortals. Elpis hated those warriors more than anything, but she hated more were the ignorant humans she surrounded herself with. The only reason she did so was because the human race were like cock roaches. No matter how many you kill, they just keep reproducing and could lie through almost anything.

    “Well ma’am…” said a uniformed man. Was her here the last time? Thought Elpis not remembering the man. “Well you see…we did find the other group. Y-You know the ones that we were searching for. Not the G-Greek group, but the other ones.” He stammered out. Her demon was feeding off of the man’s hope of impressing Elpis. She looked at the man for a while before he got so nervous her sat down.

    “I see…and where the vermin hiding out? On Mt. Olympus?” she laughed at her joke knowing very well that was the last place the Immortals would be found. Her laughter slowly died and she looked at the man that had spoken.

    “They are in Budapest pretending to be angels. They are defiling what you are!!” screamed the little man as he slammed his fist onto the table. The people around Elpis were also making nasty remarks on how they should punish the Immortals. That they should torture them to find a way to put them away for forever. “We can’t let them continue on as they have been!!” yelled the small man, his face red and blubbering in anger. They sight was funny for Elpis and she hide a smile behind her hand.

    Elpis waited for the noise to go down. She slowly raised her hand for silence and stood up capturing the attention of everyone in the room. “My friends don’t worry. We will not allow these vile beasts to roam the earth freely any longer. Get a squad together of best men and send them to Budapest. Just make them get information without the Warriors noticing, but tell them not to attack unless they are attacked first. If we are to capture this lesser than human forms, then we must be better prepared. You are all dismissed.

    Damon looked around their house in Budapest and sighed. It was a complete mess. What was wrong with the people he lived with? He understood they were all warriors, but still, they could clean up just a bit. Damon moved out of the living of their castle and too the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Although they were more than human, they still enjoyed eating for the taste of it. He opened the fridge and cursed. “For the love of all the Gods in Olympus!! Why is all the food gone? Has anyone gone to the store yet?” he yelled into the castle and growled closing the door.

    Since the living room was too disgusting to even sit and watch TV in and there was nothing to eat, he went to his security room. He checked the monitors for any abnormal activity. He was quite sure he wasn’t going to find anything, but to his surprise, he found a few men trying to move their way up the steep hill around their castle. The castle sat on top of a hill, where it was built for them long before the village down at the bottom of the hill was built. The warriors had planted the forest around their castle and set up many traps within and around their castle to ward off any Hunters, if they were ever found.

    Damon wasn’t worried about the men coming up from the village believing them to be beggars that they got most of the time, but little to his knowledge, it were the Hunters coming to investigate the Warriors. Damon decides to go meet the “beggars” and tell them to turn around before one of them out in their deadly traps.

    Rhea sighed and looked across the small room at her brother-husband Cronos. She growled under her breath and leaned back against the wall that her cot was pushed up against. Cronos was a handsome Titan. He was the youngest of them all, but he was their King. It was one of the reasons she was so compelled to marry him. It also helped that she loved the idea of power and what was more powerful that being a Queen to the King of Titans. He only down fall was the love her children. How dare they lock her away with Cronos!! She saved them!

    Rhea turned away from Cronos and looked out the bars of their cell. “Give it up, husband.” She growled out the last part and glanced at him. “You know you can’t even use your powers in Tartarus with that magical band around your neck.” All the Titans knew that. Every single one of them had the band around their necks. Rhea tugged at hers. She doesn’t even know how many times she has tried to take hers off. Rhea sighed and tried to spell her godly powers into the band to circuit it out. She tried this every day hoping to wear it down so that it was just break.

    Rhea sat staring out her cell poking and prodding her band until it suddenly popped open. She was so lost in thought, she didn’t even notice until a few minutes later. She jumped up with the band in her hands and repressed the urge to laugh out loud which would cause the Guards to come over. “I did it!! I did it!!!” she whispered excitedly and looked over at Cronos noticing the magical band was glowing faintly just as her had done before. “Is the band becoming less powerful over the ages?” she thought out loud then smirked. “Zeus….We are free and coming to take your crown!”

    OOC: HateSpawn will be leading the Greeks, but until he posts today, you guys will be forming up in Greece together. If you have any questions just PM me. Also Esiphas is leader of the Supernaturals. Follow his lead, and of course I'm behind them all Mwahhaaha I mean Have fun and enjoy the RPG!!
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