Aired: 2005

Type: tv series

Plot sypnosis: It starts when Sakura, princess of the Kingdom of Clow loses all her memories in the form of feathers that are scattered in other dimensions. The journey began when Syaoran met Fai and Kurogane with the Dimensional Witch, and in order to travel across different dimension each must pay what they value most.

Story(8/10) oohh...The story is great and very well written,though it sounds like CCS's at first!

Characers(9/10) I love the development of characters , especially Syaoran and Sakura, and I like the cuteness of both princesses, Sakura and Tomoyo.

Art/animation(8/10) Not bad...but the drawing styles seem to be common.

Voice acting, music (9/10) The characters' voices seem to be good and a little mature. The music is the best! I really love the thriling music. hahaha

Overall(9/10) I just started watching this and I loved it! Great series.


gosh I'mso tired of typing -_-