Long story short, I've been starting to make this thread on some forums.

The idea was to provide me a topic and once I saw it I was to write a poem on it on the spot. Now it's not all about me, so I would instead suggest we do a chain type poetry game. Any format, challenge yourself with a sonnet or just make a simple haiku, we are all on different skill levels.

You're free to join! Just look at the topic posted above and write a poem on it immediately. Try out different formats if you're daring, from haiku and acrostic to sonnets and limericks. Then post your own random topic.

Here are some examples of poems I've written on other forums. These were made on the spot, and were not edited. Some of them may have times posted with them too.

Fruit Juice

I've come across a moment in this world,
where a quench for something new sprouts,
it's as if this sole idea, when unfurled,
will bring chaos, raising a flag of doubts,
times like these I need a lively potion,
one with flavors that stimulate,
a wave of new tastes from the vast ocean,
reaching distant lands both far and great,
and it is with confidence and immodest pride,
that I drink this blend of fruit juices!
and as I watch the last drop in the glass slide,
I feel lucky, playing all of my deuces,
because in a world full of chances and regrets,
we play the game by our rules, we seldom reset

Small commentary:
I hope that was good! I just did that in about 10 minutes sitting here and thinking. There are many metaphors, some you may not see, and the beginning should tie in with the end. Like a typical shakespearean sonnet, the rhyme scheme is ababcdcdefefgg. The first three quatrains are centralized around one little idea that add to the topic or follow a chronological flow (first one initializes the topic, second builds up, third one hits the peak/climax) with the last couplet giving closure.

Toy Basketball Hoop (topic was first thing I saw on my right)

There once was a ball playing midget
who excelled by inventing a widget
he was swallowed by fame
and went completely insane
he now escapes jail on a Pidgeot

remember, after the fourth line he's insane. that's the best i could do for a limerick in 5 minutes

this poem was kinda lame, just a smidget.

Blue Roses

So I was with this girl at da club. chillin'.
grindin her to a glass of wine,
DJ throwing down discs. Krillin.
mm, she ain't nuttin' but mine,

so i'm wooing her gently. imma pimp.
ain't no guy like me spittin' game
small guy, big package. jumbo shrimp.
i put the morons into oxymoronic shame

so i'm like "hey, here's a poem." robert frost.
i'm about to blow you away,
I told her roses are red. like a bauss.
and she was like "playa, whachu tryin to say?!"

"Roses can be blue too." complete slaughter.
"and for real, i like blue more."
and then a guy comes in. that's his daughter.
"playa you take her for a {word meaning one who engages in sexual acts for financial compensation has been redacted}?!"

i got my A** whooped that night. epic fail.
i guess roses can be blue too.
s**t hit me like a ton of bricks. you've got mail.
but for real, f*** roses.

Definitely different. Typoes are on purpose. Hope you like it.


Time: 5:52 AM

Looking at the world, in constant jealousy,
Understanding them may only be a dream,
Realizing they waste their life away,
Killing time, creating ridiculous memes,
Everywhere you go, someone will always be watching,
Ready to fap to your mere presence,
Seriously, they are pathetic,

it's creepy and unpleasant.

Time: 5:57 AM

The Teddyfish (A teddy bear and a goldfish was the topic)

Time 5:54 PM

Ayo, imma teddy bear,
and i don't give a fluff,
imma cuddly buddy full of snuggly love,

and sup, imma goldfish,
and i swim in a bowl,
i be swimmin through glimmering rocks and a fake A** HOLE,

we lead boring a** lives,
if you could even call us alive,
i dont need a reason to die,
i found a reason to try,

(Teddy bear)im thinking we good,
(goldfish) and im thinking we should,
(both) lets get married and carry some mutant babies..if only we could!

they'd be a teddyfish, they'd be the illest ish,
they'd be fluffy and soft and they'd be plushy and squish,
(fish)im no expert in genetics but you looking rather furry,
(teddy bear) and you got a big mouth so we should do it and hurry,

(both) cuz if mah wife finds out im gonna be murdered and buried!

(teddy bear walks in, another fish wakes up)

RIP Teddy and Goldy

Time 6:03 PM

This was the speediest poem I've ever frickin written. I was just trying to escape this thread xD

Rice Fried Chicken (Chicken Fried Rice was the topic)

6:34 PM

I've never been a fan,
of food that is bland,
and I live to eat another day.

For my taste buds favor,
foods with raw flavor,
a dish with pizazz is the way.

I was familiar with rice,
a dish that could suffice,
when served with vegetables and meats.

But I never once heard,
the chef's strange words,
as he said "what would you like to eat?"

I gave him my request,
and he eyed me without rest,
"don't you mean rice fried chicken?"

I looked at him back,
and in an attack,
replied, "as long as the sauce doesn't thicken!"

So he smiled and laughed,
and he ordered his staff,
to make the widely famous meal.

When he brought back my food,
I realized how rude,
and how stupid I should truly feel,

he had chicken a plenty,
with rice near empty,
and the role reversed plate was spiteful.

Now I don't judge,
and my lips do not budge,
to say anything but "the meal was delightful."

6:57 PM

That one required some thought, yea. Hope you liked it, tried a new rhyme scheme out. The stanzas can focused in twos in terms of flow.

Rhyme Scheme


Edit: Here's a bit of my thought process.

I named it Rice Fried Chicken 'cause I thought it was funny.

I wrote a generic two stanzas, I thought writing something shorter and to the point would work, so I tried three line stanzas. The rhyme scheme aabccb flowed perfectly.

I was stuck. Then I noticed "pizazz," and thought "that's a fancy word to say haha, I sound like a food critic...oh sheet!

So I wrote the rest as a nasty old food critic, with the thought of the movie Ratatouille in my head. I finished off with a humorous closure, as a way to make the critic feel stupid. Because when people are starving there shouldn't be time to criticize food.

Just thought I'd explain a thought process for once.

For the next poster, your topic is