Anybody have a "foot fetish" here? If you do, you came to the... Oh, forget that last part I said.
If you do NOT know what the bloody hell a "foot fetish" is, let me explain:
The word fetish is the term of a male that "likes a certain body part" of the female anatomy. If I got that right, that means you know what that word means.
Since I have a "anime foot fetish" and regular "foot fetish", this topic will basically talk about hot anime girls in socks or barefoot.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not one of those cyber bullies or petafile that pretends to be a little kid.
I'm an average (almost)teenager with a foot fetish. And pleaase, don't post pictures of footjobs. Thank you.

If you're interested by putting pictures of hot anime girls with socks or barefoot. Feel free to do it.

If you have a foot or sock fetish, feel free to say it!

And for the youngsters, read at your own risk when it comes to a foot fetish.