Back with yet another song, it is I, Alisa, the queen of annoying questions

So, I have made up yet another Japanese song (like always), and I want to see if I've progressed any better, so here it is:

(Honestly, "ichiban beshi" does not sound right.... but I couldn't think of another way to say "must be first")


あの日のピアノが 甘酸っぱいメモリー
思い浮かんでいる 失くした事を
私の心が汚濁だらけ でも あなたが清めた人
いつまでも 畏れ入るよ ありがとう

「幸せが欲しいなら 好い子がいてください」って
でも でも 時に居難いよ

★知らぬままメロディ響くたびに 私の心大きになる
  「落ち込む所で 前向きに捗(はかど)って」って
  でも でも 時にし難いよ
  楽しい日々が遠い記憶が 別の失くした事だけ

あなたに遇えたら 悲しい記憶を消える
そして 幸せが来てる
憂いや悩みが これでも悪い事
用いれば 前に進めるよ

「幸福を誘うように 前向きが一番べし」って
でも でも 時にし難いよ

☆それぞれの憧れや願いが 光を誘う事
  「幸せがいつも来ない きみが悪玉がいれば」って
  でも でも 時に信じ難いよ
  私の心を祓い清めたい 辛い記憶が

「信じれば やっと果報が来るかな?」
それが私を思う 待ってるままから
闇に閉じ込めてく それが私の心
だけど 光を信じる


「今はまだ 御伽噺を信じてる
希望的観測だけですか? 現実になるかな?」
いつか いつか その感想を白い鳩に変わる
あなただけが私に信じた人 ありがとうよ いつまでも

Translation (What it should be):

The piano from that day is a bittersweet memory
Reminding me of things long gone
My heart was full of corruption, but you were the person that turned it good
I'll forever be grateful, thank you

"If you want happiness, please be a good child"
But, sometimes it's so hard to be one

★Every time the melody I still don't know rings out, my heart grows bigger
  "Even if you're sad, move forward"
  But, sometimes it's so hard to do
  Those fun days are distant memory, just another lost thing
  Fading into the empty autumn sky...

If I meet you, my sad memories will fade
And happiness will be able to come
Grief and worries may seem like bad things
But if you use them, you can move ahead

"In order to invite good fortune, you must be positive"
But, sometimes it's so hard

☆Everyone's aspirations and wishes are things that call out the light
  "Happiness will never come if you're a bad person"
  But, sometimes it's so hard to believe
  I want my heart to be purified, so that my painful memories
  Can fade into the autumn sky

"If I believe, will happiness finally come?"
That's what I think, because I'm still waiting for it
My heart is locked up in the darkness
But, I'll believe in the light


"Even now, I still believe in fairy tales
Is it only wishful thinking? Could I turn them into reality?"
Someday, I'll turn those thoughts into white doves
You are the only person who ever believed in me, and for that, I'll always thank you
As the autumn changes into the pure winter