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Thread: Photoshopped signatures and profile pics

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    Talking Photoshopped signatures and profile pics

    Okay so here's the deal. Yeah, I'm new(ish) to AF, but I'm definitely NOT new to photoshop :3 So fill out the following form if you want a picture from me. I make my signatures at the size I want, because I'm used to making them that size. As for profile pics, you can tell me whatever size you want.

    A sample of a profile picture:

    Keep in mind that the image will shrink when put on your profile.

    Now, seeing as I'm new here and I don't have that much gil on here, I want to charge 100 gil per signature, and 150 for a profile picture. At least until I get a decent amount of gil. You know?
    If you can't pay it's not that big of a deal to me. I'd just like to have some. Since I don't know the recent updates on how to get gil, I usually have to beg for donations. I'd rather give something in return that'll last than just keep asking with just a smiley and a thank you.

    By the way, I just wanted to say that I can do way better with signatures than the one I made. I did that one so I could have a signature in the first place, and I was hasty when I did it. It only took me about 4 hours to do it. So don't think that that's the best I can do.

    I'll also try to do avatars, but I've never done one before, so they'll definitely be free xD But use the same form for the avatars.

    Please copy from here on and paste it into your response.


    ~Words To Be Used: (Username, quote, text face, etc.)
    ~Font: (If you have a signature font style, I'm sure my version of photoshop has it. If not, we'll talk)
    ~Type: (Sig [100 gil] / profile pic [150 gil])
    ~Size: (For profile pic only)
    ~Colors: (As many as you want)
    ~Your style: (Do you want more white+light colors, black+dark colors, mid-tones +both light and dark colors, or just the colors you chose above?)
    ~Picture(s) to be used: (Be sure you have permission to these pictures if it's original)
    ~Due Date: (If you need it for another person's birthday or something)
    ~Example/Rough Sketch: (If you want to get specific, but lack the knowledge of photoshop to make it look the way you really want it, give me a sketch.)
    ~Other: (Some information that I missed? Tell me here)
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    10-02-2011 07:25 AM
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    Default Re: Photoshopped signatures and profile pics

    Hello,im new here as well.
    May i request a signiture ?

    Words To Be Used: Username- innermoonlight01
    ~Font: i dont mind the font..but something like calligraphy
    ~Type: Sig [100 gil]
    ~Colors: maybe blue and white cause i like moons and the stars
    ~Picture(s) to be used: i dont have any yet but i'll try and ask some people i know
    ~Due Date: you can take as long has you like.

    Thats all, if you have any questions please ask me,
    Ill try and get the picture soon as possible.
    Thank You.

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