Right, so this thread is solemnly a thread of recommendation. If you are here, it means you clicked the "J-pop/rock" sub-forum, which makes me think you like music. I have a recommendation for ya!

So what's the deal? Fairy Tail, an anime you should at least have heard of, features a guy with pink hair [Natsu] who spits/punches/kicks fire, a girl [Lucy] who summons creatures that do her bidding, another guy [Gray] who can summon ice in different handy shapes and a bunch of their friends. All these people go on missions, where the situation often (but not always) evolves into donkey-kicking awesome fights of doom.

This is where the music comes in. Fairy Tail has a medieval feel to it, as the title suggests, and some of the music is also inspired by this. It leaves us with a genre I'd call "Celtic rock" (which really isn't true, it's just very hard to coin it): strings, feudal Japanese instruments are used in combination with our standard rock band. The result?

Awesome rock-music, that will be on replay the second you hear it! (Granted that you like it, of course, but I'm going to be an optimist here - EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT).

If you haven't heard the music, go to YouTube and search for some of the following:

#1 Fairy Tail - Fairy Tail Main Theme
#3 Fairy Tail - Invoker Magic
#4 Fairy Tail - Dragonslayer
#13 Fairy Tail - The Theme of Natsu
#26 Fairy Tail - Salamander
#28 Fairy Tail - Against Magic
#36 Fairy Tail - Slow Version Main Theme

As you can tell, the names pretty much suggest the theme of the music. I highlighted my favorites with green, though the two others are good too.

There are a total of 36 song on the Fairy Tail album, not all of them are rock, as the 36th song shows. The music is obviously used to understate specific situations in the anime, so there will be music in there, which isn't suited for listening when not watching the anime.

OKAY! Go listen to some of it now. You can thank me later.

(tsk tsk, obviously, I'm just a fan sharing ^_^)