hi there i was just wondering am i a true anime fan. cuz i usually watch dubed instead of subs. and alot of ppl say that your only a true anime fan if u watch subed eps. reason why i watch dubed is i have alot of problems reading and spelling i cant read as fast as other ppl. and when i go to read text i only read half and its done. but dont get me whron i watch alot of anime like bleach shrikei correct me if i spell that wrong and also clannad and spice and wolf eaden of the east and inuasha and much much more. not naruto i hate naruto -_-. but back on topic it stoped me short like bleach i can only watch when they come out with next dubbed episoed. also spice and wolf season 2 is subbed only and it my fav anime. so i was just wondering iv been watching anime since i was 5 im curnntly 17 . so if your still reading plz tell me.