@blueangel06661 I just thought you should know that what she found was a love letter that I gave my gf on our 6 month anniversary. It was supposed to be something special between me and my gf, not something special between me her and her mom, which is exactly what my gf pointed out when yelling at hermom about what she did. Her mom still welcomes me in there house, but after a betrayal like that, I no longer feel comfortable in there.
I have never been anything less than kind to her mom. I listen when she speaks to me and help her whenever she asks. It was not until she broke my trust that I started to dislike her. And I will stop referring to it as hatred because it really is just a dislike.
Also, my gf's parents were divorced when she was young, and she was raised more by her father than her mother. Her father was, from what I know, a kind wonderful man who I would have loved to meet.
I'm not sure why you think I'm such a bad kid around her parents. Whenever I have nothing nice to say, I say nothing at all. I try to always put a smile on my face and I avoid them if I can so I won't feel uncomfortable.
Finally, the reason her mom likes me so much is because I have been the best friend her daughter has ever had. I have stayed by her through her losing her pets, I have taken care of her when she was ill with bronchitis, I have helped her study for all of her classes, I have been there when she needed to talk, I have never shown any sign of wavering in my feelings for her. Her mother was estatic when she found out we were dating. It is unfortunate that her mother betrayed my trust, because no matter what she does to try to make it up to her, my forgiveness cannot be bought and I doubt I will ever feel comfortable in that house again, and it'll be at least a year until I can ever give my gf love letters or poetry again.