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Thread: Wolf X: Detective Conan x Phoenix Wright x Professor Layton Version

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    Default Wolf X: Detective Conan x Phoenix Wright x Professor Layton Version

    Welcome to the tenth version of Wolf!
    (first props to @animeyay and @Scruffy for the some of the great suggestions regarding the characters, and a smaller, but not least props to @Orochimaru for his OP template.)

    How to sign up: Whoever wishes to play, can. The more the merrier. If you wish to play just write something along the lines of, “I want to play.” and you will automatically be added on the player list.

    - All votes must be in bold. They will not be counted otherwise.
    - You must vote once per Day Phase. Anyone caught not voting on either consecutive Day Phases or three days total will be inactive-killed. Remember, posting does not constitute a vote!
    - Do not post again if you have died until AFTER the entire game is over. Once that happens, then you may post again.
    - Role-claim (the "art" of telling people that you have a specific role) at your own risk.
    - Do not share any PMs I send you with anyone else! Players being found to do so will be banned from any further Wolf games!
    - Arguments and disagreements are the very foundation of Wolf, thus you are encouraged to use them. However, no outright flaming or trolling will be allowed.
    - Questions? Comments? Send me a V/PM or contact me on MSN!

    How to win:

    Town: Kill all wolves and survive.

    Wolves: Bring number of Town members to the same number as that of the wolves.

    Independent: Survive until either the Town or Wolf win condition is met.

    How to play: Wolf (or Mafia, as it is sometimes called) is played by taking a group of people and making a small number of them into "Wolves" or bad guys. The rest of the players (called "Townies) then spend the "Day Phases" (time during which you play this game) trying to deduce who these bad guys are. During the Day Phase, players vote for who they suspect to be a Wolf. The person with the most votes gets lynched (they "die" and are no longer able to play the game), their role being revealed, before Night Phase begins. During the Night Phase, Wolves decide which player they'd like to kill, while Townies with special roles (more on that later) preform their own actions. The game continues until either all Wolves are dead (which triggers a win for "Townies") or the number of Townies equals the number of Wolves (triggering a "Wolf" win).

    Day Phase: During the day time phase, all the players may vote on who they suspect to be the Wolf. It is mandatory to vote in the Day Phases. Be careful; wolves can vote as well, attempting to sway the votes their way...

    Night Phase: Each Night Phase is when players with night actions can perform said actions. During this time, Wolves vote on which Townie (Wolves know each other, thus know who the Townies are) they think has a "power role", or an important role in the game.

    Note: Each phase will be 24 hours long (this allows those of us outside of the US/who work different hours to play). Day phase will start at 8:00 PM EDT, ending at 8:00 PM EDT the next day and triggering the beginning of the Night Phase, which in turn ends at 8:00 PM EDT the next day.



    Shinichi Kudou (Townie): Shinichi is a brilliant high school detective who often solves difficult cases for the police. Shinichi will be the Mayor of this game. This character has the advantage of having his vote count for two on the Day Phase, thus breaking ties. If attacked by the wolves once, they will fail, however as a result he turns into his alias. Conan Edogawa, thus loses his former power and becomes a regular townie.

    Ran Mori (Townie): Shinichi Kudou's best friend since elementary school. This character will serve as a regular townie.

    Kogoro Mori (Townie):
    A former police officer turned incompetent private detective and father of Ran Mori. This character will serve as a regular townie.

    Hattori Heiji (Townie): is the chief commissioner of the Osaka police department. He later becomes friends with Conan Edogawa after he discovers his true identity as Shinichi. Heiji will play the Forensic Investigator. With this role, if a player dies in the Night Phase, you will have the chance to be given a list of the players who targeted that player. If more than two players checked on that dead player then you will be given two players at random out of that total.

    Ayumi Yoshida (Townie): One of the members of the Junior Detective League. She will serve as a regular townie.

    Phoenix Wright (Townie):
    was a renowned defense attorney who was famous for turning hopeless cases around, getting the defendant found innocent as well as finding the real killer. Phoenix Wright as the great defense attorney that he is, during the Day Phase, the player who is controlling him may send me a PM during any time during the Day Phase and choose a player to protect/avoid from getting lynched, including himself. However, he may not use the ability twice on the same player.

    Apollo Justice (Townie):
    is a defense attorney working for the Wright Anything Agency. He is notable for his involvement in a test trial for the Jurist System. Apollo Justice will play the Seer for the townies. As a Seer, every Night Phase, Apollo Jusitce will have the ability to check on one player and I will inform them about the player's role.

    Steel Samurai (Townie): is a television hero played by Will Powers and later in a live stage show by Larry Butz. The Steel Samurai will play the role of the vigilante. As a Vigilante, he may kill a wolf during the night phase if he's aware of their role.

    Trucy Wright (Townie) is Apollo Justice's "sidekick" and Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter. This character will serve as a regular townie.

    Ema Skye (Townie): is a forensics-obsessed detective in the Los Angeles Criminal Affairs Department. This character will serve as a regular townie.

    Hershel Layton (Townie):
    is the series main character. He is a stereotypical English gentleman, who enjoys solving puzzles and drinking tea. He also has a recurring quote, being: 'That's what a gentleman does'. With his Gentleman ways, he will serve as the Protector. The Protector basically chooses to protect one player including themselves from night actions.

    Luke Triton (Townie):
    is a young boy who accompanies Professor Layton. He aspires to be a gentleman like his professor, though like all boys his age. This character will serve as a regular townie.

    Flora Reinhold (Townie):
    is the daughter of the wealthy Augustus Reinhold. She is sweet, shy, and reserved, but can show her stubborn side when dealing with others' concerns for her safety. This character will serve as a regular townie.

    Emmy Altava (Townie):
    is Professor Layton's assistant as appointed by the President of Gressenheller University. She is said to be a heroine, and loves taking pictures, bringing her camera everywhere with her. This player will serve as a regular townie.

    Inspector Chelmey (Townie): is the police chief of London's Scotland Yard. It is said that he strikes fear into the heart of all criminals in London. This character will serve as a regular townie.

    Inspector Clamp Grosky
    - This role serve as a regular townie.


    Jin (Wolf): is a collected, cold-blooded, and loyal member of the Black Organization. As one of the biggest roles in the antagonist faction, his vote will count twice as the regular wolf. If he's lynched then he will bring down one townie at random with him but if he's killed by the Vigilante(See Steel Samurai) then his power will be revoked and he will die alone.

    Shiho Miyano (Wolf)
    : was a former member of the Black Organization, a gifted chemist at a young age, she was the inventor of APTX 4869, the poison that shrank Shinichi Kudou. Shiho also betrays the organization after Jin killed her sister. Shiho took the drug in a suicide attempt, but rather than dying, she, like Shinichi, became small. If Shiho is going gets voted off on the Day Phase, she will use the poison on herself on attempt to get out of the situation and shrink. If she's killed by the Vigilante, then she will die instantly.

    Vermouth (Wolf):
    A mysterious member of the Black Organization. Her appearance remains the same even after many years suggesting she has found a way to sustain her youth. Her true identity is Sharon Vineyard, a famous American actress who mastered the skill of disguise. If she is checked by the seers, she has the chance to disguise herself twice as any living character in the game.

    Franziska von Karma (Wolf):
    Franziska von Karma is the daughter of the late veteran prosecutor Manfred von Karma and a formidable prosecuting attorney in her own right. Franziska has the ablilty to forge evidence, meaning she can deduct a vote toward her in a Day Phase twice.

    Godot (Wolf):
    Godot was originally Diego Armando, a senior defense lawyer working at Grossberg Law Offices. Godot will play the Roleblocker of the Wolves. Basically Godot will revoke a townie's or a an independent's ability. However, it may not be used twice on the same player.


    Kaitou Kid (Independent): Kaitou Kuroba , son of the original Kaitou Kid. His father was killed when he refused to steal the Pandora Jewel for an unknown organization. At Night Phase. Kaitou Kuroba will take the role of Kaitou Kid to learn the truth(Seer). As a Seer, every Night Phase, Kaitou Kid will have the ability to check on one player and I will inform them about the player's role. Kaitou is also a master of disguise and got to trick various people with them. If checked by the other Seer, he will have the chance to disguise himself three times as any character that is alive, even as his indepedent partner(Miles Edgeworth).

    Miles Edgeworth (Independent):
    is an esteemed prosecutor and an old friend of Phoenix Wright. During his first four years as a prosecutor, he had a perfect win record, and he was a ruthless man who would do anything to get a guilty verdict for the defendant. If Phoenix Wright dies in the game, Miles will step in for him and gain his ability. Edgeworth also has the ablity to revoke anyone's night ability, even his independent partner's(Kaitou Kid). However, it may not be used twice on the same player.

    Player List:
    1. Scruffy - Shiho Miyano/Wolf (Lynched on Day Phase 4) WINNER!
    2. dark_butterfly - Inspector Chelmy/Townie.
    3. animeyay - Shinichi Kudou/Conan Edogawa/Mayor/Townie (Killed by Wolves on Night Phase 3)
    4. Aleyna - Godot/Wolf - WINNER!
    5. Orochimaru - Kaitou Kid/Independent (Inactive killed)
    6. SigmaSD - Flora Reinhold/Townie (Lynched on Day Phase 1)
    7. Twelfth Levitation - Trucy Wright/Townie (Killed by Alpha Wolf on Day Phase 0)
    8. Xey Oiz - Vermouth/Wolf WINNER!
    9. maverickgirl - Apollo Justice/Seer (Killed by Wolves in Night Phase 0)
    10. MaruDashi - Ran Mouri/Townie (Lynched on Day Phase 5)
    11. Daken - Hattori Heiji/Forensic Investigator (Killed by Wolves on Night Phase 1)
    12. Screwby - Emmy Altava/Townie (Inactive killed)
    13. -GAZKUL- - Kogoro Mouri/Townie (Killed by Wolves on Night Phase 5.
    14. Norwegian Moose - Ema Skye/Townie (Inactive killed)
    15. Air-jumper - Miles Edgeworth/Wolf (Lynched on Day Phase 7)
    16. 悪のヒカリン - Steel Samurai/Vigilante (Lynched on Day Phase 6)
    17. miniPhil - Professor Hershel Layton/Protector (Lynched on Day Phase 8)
    18. Tsuki. - Jin/Alpha Wolf (Lynched on Day Phase 0) WINNER!
    19. .Sev - Franzika/Wolf (Inactive killed)
    20. Meteorkeeper - Ayumi Yoshida/Townie (Killed on Night Phase 7)
    21. The Rebel - Phoenix Wright/Governor (Killed by wolves on Night Phase 4)
    22. Aku no Hikari - Inspector Clamp Grosky/Townie (Inactive killed)
    23. Furore - Luke Triton/Townie (Killed by Wolves on Night Phase 6)
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