Hi everyone!
Maybe, I'm asking a weird question, but I'm really curious about the existence of a male character that I want to see SO MUCH!
The problem is - characters like this are only common inhard style yaoi manga >__< And I don't really like yaoi, I wish to watch an anime or manga with a guy like this, who is in love with a girl T__T

He is tan skinned Osaka/Okinawa type guy, with a voice/manner of speach of Tohji from Evangelion. He is funny, strong and a bit... um... well, he isn't too smart lol ^^
He has very short black hair - buzz cut or something like that. He might be a school bad guy or a sport-type dude, like to fight, shounen manga, video games and other stuff like that. And he is in love with a nice girl and saves her from something. Um... Something like that T___T

Only not yaoi! =((
The author of arts is on pixiv, but be careful, the art has a high rating!

Please, help me find something like that - anything, shoujo, shounen, hentai - I want to see a character like this SO MUCH!
Thank you for your help!