The Last Remnant is a role-playing game developed by Square Enix. Although developed by the same company who brought you Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, The Last Remnant is completely different from the two game series.

Graphics: 7/10. Although this game has some pretty cool cutscenes, the battle graphics could be a lot better, and tend to be glitchy and lags a lot.

Plot: 6.5/10. This game has a pretty generic plot. You play as Rush, who is on a mission to get his kidnapped sister back. Along the way he meets David and his party, and they help him find his sister. But there is more to this. Although the game has a generic plot, it does improve along the way, and towards the end, there's quite a plot twist.

Battles: 6/10. This game has a very unique battle system for an RPG. It's a turn-based battle system, but you have groups, or unions, which each take turn attacking the different enemies. The battle system gets such a low rating because you cannot decide who goes first, you have very limitied options as to what to do (i.e. You want to heal yourself but it doesn't give you the option. Or when you want to heal one team, it ends up healing the other), and you can't run away. The leveling up system is also a bit different. Instead of gaining EXP after each battle, you gain "battle rank" based on your performance in battle.

8/10. Although this game is frustrating as hell, there's a looot of sidequests that are easy to miss.

7/10. Although I complained a lot about this game, it was actually really fun. The best part is, it's hard. I've played a lot of RPGs, and most of them were pretty easy or mildly hard. But this one is hard. If you enjoy a challenge, you'll enjoy The Last Remnant.