Candy-man, I am, Candy-man.
Taking you home with placid sweets
Trembling in your cream, curled hand.
Candy-man with overplayed promises
And grimed lies behind white teeth, I am.

Big blue eyes focuse on me
With a solemn moment of doubt in me.
But a mouth full of smiles form naive
Trust in me. Am I not,
But the knight you seek from your dreams?

Such innocent desideratum will trouble you open,
To pour fears out in my hand.
I won't leave you.
I'll deceive you.
I'll see you prime to giving in.

Now I am the echo in your breath;
A fiery current bidding no
Fair warning- only ashes
That cling to the scolded land.
Oh, skeleton in the soiled morning.

Well, I'm feeling great with my stone eyes
And heart dry.
The dust on your tongue rushes
Me to fade, and fade
Before the burning of dusk's tide.

You put up a good fight
My puppet of one night,
But now the director's bored
With your fascist objections.
So, I'll curtain the set, credit my goodbye,

And render the next audition.