Find me a safe haven
A place to hide
For me, and me alone

Without fear or evil
Without pain
Without death

A place of love
With sights of a new time
With fragrances of a new world

Find me peace
Find me stability
Find me home


Short Poems

Brick by brick
The structure of authority is built
Casting its shadow of oppression
Onto the world

Can you see me?
A face in the night
Always watching
And thereís nothing you can do

I am the hand that feeds you
I am your shelter
Your safe haven
Worship me

I am forgiven
No more resentment

We talk and we laugh
And everything is complete


Itís All Cominí Down

Itís in the air
Itís in the streets
Thereís no escape

Run if you can
The Resurrection is cominí
And youíre all invited

The living and the dead
All together
All as one

Your soul will be taken
For all eternity
And thereís nothing you can do


The Freak Show

No final judgment for me
Iím my own person
Not ruled by any higher power

Iím watching the show
Till the end of time
Front row seat to the freak show

Iíll be gettiní my kicks
Before the grozit hits the fan
And for some time after that

And Iíll laugh to myself


I Am Here

We cannot be saved
We are limited
To the confinements
Of our minds

Hide in the corner
On your knees
In a pool of fear
For all eternity

I am here for safety
Giving a helping hand
Reaching out
Offering a safe refuge

Take my hand
And I can find you sanctuary