I'll be trapped beyond eternity in this labyrinth of conflicting emotions. My heart reaches out to remain here with my lady love 'till my breath comes no more and I shall return to the ashes beside her petrified remains yet my duty calls me elsewhere, beyond all horizons to achieve the impossible.

Fhauste dug his sword unto the ground and sat amidst the cathedral ruins as he gazed at the desolation of war. Nothing survived. No one survived. Between the blinks of dawn and dusk an entire civilization was blown to dust by the whims of a madman. And I failed to save them. I did not stop the world from ending; I merely survived it.

He survived to the end yet to what folly? She was now a stone corpse, perhaps cursed to stand as an eternal statue to mock him of his newborn solitude.


Hmm.. I dunno what to make of it. It's part of the book I'm writing at the moment, but I dunno if it's okay or not. Please comment.