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Thread: Yayakoshii [01] PAIR A DICE

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    Default Yayakoshii [01] PAIR A DICE

    Yayakoshii means puzzling. English can be poor since I am Dutch, English is not my first language.
    Please enjoy reading and comment if you like!

    It’s late spring and as I walk to school the sky turned out to be bright blue. The cherry blossom petals have been falling past month and I watched the pink fluffy trees slowly losing their color. For some reason I don’t feel like moving forward anymore and just walk back home again. So I could go into the incredible big yard next to our house. We live in a smaller village, so we have lots of space for gardening activities. Sometimes I walk into the field during the summer and almost forget this isn’t heaven. Obviously I adore the place I live now, but it used to be different. Me and my parents just moved here 2 years ago and I was struggling to make new friends here. I guess I am somewhat different than others and not everyone really appreciates you the way you are.

    As the soft breeze floats around my body my hair starts to block my sight, so I gently remove my hair from my face. It’s black, dark and shiny. Just the way I like it. Sometimes I put curls in my hair, making me feel all doll-like. My skin is pretty pale, so it’s easy for me to create that doll look. As I turn around I hear my friends calling my name out loud as they run towards me. “Ai-chan!” My full name is Aisuru Hiyouko. Actually Aisuru is my last name, it’s an awkward last name and not used very often. I nod as they come closer and start to walk next to me. “Ah! Our first day of the last year Ai-chan, isn’t it amazing? You can focus on school again… and forget about Insatsu” Chuuri said. Although she was my friend, I wanted to smack her face. However I better not do such thing, so instead I glared at her for a bit and said nothing at all. Insatsu is my ex boyfriend… or shall I say ex lover? I guess I always imagined he was with me, however he never really confirmed that.

    Some vague flashback of his face popped up and I put my hands on my face, trying to think about any random happy thought to forget the horrifying flashback. “Are you alright?” Shirenai said with a calm, though hesitating voice. I remove my hands slowly and a grin starts to appear on my face. However… my eyes aren’t laughing at all. “Oh hey, it’s Sajirasu-san!” I yell out of the sudden as I push her aside playfully. Chuuri always claims that Shirenai had a crush on him ever since she met him in their first year at school here. I know Chuuri can sometimes dramatize things a lot, so I just suggest that Shirenai only started loving him since last year. To me, it takes time to really fall in love with someone. Exceptions do exist of course, when I was head over heels when I met my ex.

    “Good morning!” he said to us with a smile on his face and I could tell his eyes were aiming for Shirenai, as expected. All of us greet him too with a loud “Good morning” as we all walk into the school building. Out of the sun, into the shades of the long hallways. Personally I don’t like the color theme they used on the walls and floors, because they are too colorful. Normally you would expect this type of color themes to be boring with loads of white, gray and black. Slowly people start to gather in the gym hall to listen to the opening speech from the head of this school. Mostly a pretty boring speech, so as the man continues to speak I look around to see if there are some interesting new students. Some new people seem really nervous, as if it’s like they’re waiting in a line for their new grades. As I look around I notice that some others are doing as I do and some turn around their heads quite often. One guy, 5 rows before me, keeps on looking at me and after the third time our eyes meet I start to feel annoyed. He seems like he’s from my age, but I’ve never seen him before.

    The speech is finished and all students applaud for him as he proudly waves at us and walks off the stage carefully. I can tell he was old, however I appreciate he still puts a huge effort in this school. Now all my friends complain about how it was more boring than last year and that made me smile somehow. I bet they say that every year, just like I know they are going to complain about certain grades from certain subjects at the last semester of the year. As we walk and talk I feel someone had put his or her hand on my shoulder. “Uh… Sorry…” he said. It is the same guy who was staring at me during the introduction speech. “I don’t want to scare you… It’s just that… You seem nice. I am new here and I was wondering where the classrooms are for the students of the last year” he asked with a voice I could barely hear. Seeing him this shy is way more appealing than seeing him being cheeky and keep annoying me with his stare contests. Before I could answer Chuuri said “Follow us! We’re from class 5B, and you?” He kept looking nervously at the ground, though he managed to reply. “Same class… I guess” he said. As she drags him into our classroom he looks at me once more.

    Chuuri started an entire conversation with the new guy and some others join their conversation meanwhile. I walk towards them and they all stop talking. “What’s your name?” I calmly said. “Ohayashi Kishiro” he said all nervously. “Good luck…” I said as I slowly walk away again towards my own chair and I sit down while correcting my hair. I wanted to hide my face, because I could tell that people were watching me. “Yo! Ai-chan… what was that about?” Chuuri asked out loud. I tried to ignore her entirely. It was a stupid question so instead I smiled, but then turned back to poker face mode. This year is going to suck I thought to myself. That guy tries to act all innocent, but you can tell he’s actually quite cheeky and dominant and I want to bet he’s going to make trouble.

    Later that day we had sports class outside since it was warm enough and the sun was shining brightly on our heated faces. I imagined how it would feel like during the summer if we had to go outside and work out with the class. People would sure complain or faint. Thankfully the lesson was over and we were dismissed to shower, change clothes and go home. Me and the girls are walking home on the long and lonely road to the village and somehow I manage to trip over a little stone. From the one second to the next I feel my body being out of control and falling forwards. Luckily someone’s hand grabbed my arm quickly and pulled me back again. I couldn’t be more relieved and I turn around to thank that person who saved me from a bloody knee. It’s a male arm, with a tattoo on it… two dices. “Pair a dice” Kishiro said and then he smiled. I feel too surprised to react and I watch him passing me and moving ahead. As soon as he’s on a proper distance my friends start to giggle out of the sudden. “Wow, Ai-chan… That guy must really like you. Did you see how he looked at you?” Shirenai said. “You’re wrong, he’s just being nice” I replied irritated and walked ahead. I might deny it from this point on, but I think he’s attractive in his own way. I’m scared.
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