Author's Note: Hi. I'm new here, and I'm not sure why I decided to post my work here. I haven't written for ages, so if you have read my story in other sites, please bear with me. I haven't been inspired to write for so long. This is a oneshot. This is a shounen ai fic, (LxLight obviously) so if you're not comfortable with this kind of theme, I am not forcing you to read. But if you decided to read, do tell me your thoughts about this. Thank you.


“Would you miss me, Light-kun, when I’m gone?” L asked, staring intently at his eyes.
Light stared back. The obsidian eyes before him were conveying a lot of emotions, failing to be masked by the impassive face. Light saw a faint trace of fear on those eyes. But more than that, Light could see sadness. Did L know he was nearing his end?
“Why?” Light asked, and L looked away. The older man tucked his chin between his knees and said nothing.
Light watched as L pushed his plate of cake away from him. Untouched. He watched as L brought his feet down on the floor and sat straight on the chair. He just watched and kept silent.
L moved his chair closer to him. He did not move. He waited as L halted a few inches from him, their knees almost touching. He still did not move. He just stared at the man, who, in turn, was also staring at him unwaveringly. When L brought a hand to his face, he did not flinch. And as soon as the surprisingly soft skin touched his cheek, he just closed his eyes and said nothing.
Light felt L’s face come closer to him but he dared not open his eyes. L brought his other hand to Light’s other cheek, squeezing softly the brunette’s face between them. Light still did not open his eyes.
“Look at me, Light.” L whispered, his breath brushing softly against Light’s nose. Light just stayed still, eyes still closed.
When soft lips descended on his own, Light could not restrain himself from gasping faintly. The kiss was painfully innocent, undemanding, yet wonderful. It sent a tingling sensation down his spine and a painful tug at his heart. It was sweet. Like cake. Light did not kiss back, nor did he fight it. He just let L nip at his lips, his hands falling limp at his sides.
Light noticed a faint salty taste in L’s lips and the man drew back slowly. When he opened his eyes, L was already standing up, facing away from him, already in his usual hunched position, the pale hands hidden in the baggy jeans’ pockets.
Light stood up and stared at the detective’s raven locks, which was in its usual disarray. He stared at the white long-sleeved shirt the man was wearing, noting how surprisingly clean and white the garment was. He stared at the bare feet and suppressed a small smile.
L looked back at him and stared. As if waiting for him to speak. But he said nothing and just stared back. The pools of obsidian orbs held more emotions than before and Light felt he needed to avert his gaze, but he chose not to. After a few seconds of silence, L looked away and started walking towards the door. Light just watched at the man’s slowly retreating form.
When L was about to open the door, the brunette swiftly walked towards the man and grabbed a portion of the white long sleeve. L stopped but did not turn to look. Light clenched the fabric in his hand and buried his nose on the raven locks. A pale hand rose slowly and rested on the brunette’s head.
No words were said. No further actions were made.
After all, they were unnecessary anymore.