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Thread: Tragedy of Tremal

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    Default Tragedy of Tremal

    Filled with sorrow
    The sour drop splashes
    Down from my face
    Into the ashes

    A promise was broken
    Never to return
    Left from this world
    It is now that I learn

    There are no fairy tales
    No happy ever after
    Misery consumes me
    While the room fills with laughter

    Nobody else cares
    You’re gone from their sight
    They go to sleep
    But I stay up all night

    I want to go back
    My crystal is shattered
    In all the time in my life
    You’re the only thing that ever mattered

    Why’d you have to leave me?
    We had so much to do
    After everything that happened
    Do you know what I’ve been through?

    I fought the demons in my soul
    I’ve gone to Hell and back
    Now with all this pain
    I can’t make an attack

    I’m not strong enough to fight
    And fighting has no reward
    An irrevocable act
    I’ve got nothing to move toward

    I beg and I scream
    Slice my skin, blood on the doors
    Just trying to feel something
    A pain that isn’t yours

    How could you do this to me?
    I cannot carry on
    You said that you loved me
    But if that was true, why are you gone?

    You should have stayed with me
    Kept here safe by my side
    They couldn’t have hurt you
    God, I hate how they lied

    They told me not to worry
    They said you would be fine
    They made you walk away
    They took away what had been mine

    You wouldn’t have left on your own
    I know you too well for that
    But it eats away at me
    Cover the bites with hat

    I can’t stay here right now
    Can’t stay still for too long
    Just ten minutes in someplace
    And I start to hear your song

    This curse you’ve placed on me
    Will it ever be lifted?
    In the shape you put me in
    My sanity has shifted

    They told me to forget you
    “Go on and walk towards the sun
    You’ll never get her back”
    But you were the only one

    The only one for me
    The only one I ever wanted
    The only one to make me happy
    The only one to leave me haunted

    Even when try
    I can’t get you off my mind
    Even though you left me
    There’s no way I could leave you behind

    That’s just not who I am
    I don’t leave the one I love
    I can’t see you
    But your staring from up above

    Being with another only hurts
    Each second makes me hate the day
    The others try to be close
    But when they see my scars they run away

    How could I do this to myself?
    To get close to an actual person
    This aching in my stomach
    That’s what this stupid love has won

    In my dreams I get to see you
    But scarce I get to sleep
    The pain keeps me awake
    Why aren’t you mine to forever keep?

    Damn this world of the living
    I wish to see the reaper
    Spit in his face, cut off his head
    And with his scythe keep cutting deeper

    If I could sleep forever
    Then I’d always see your face
    The mysterious world of dreams
    Is your eternal resting place

    But I can’t
    You would hate me if it ended
    After all you put in me
    All the strength that you lended

    But that strength escapes me now
    Without you there is no joy
    I feel so powerless
    What am I, some sort of toy?

    Some toy for them to play with
    Keep their worthless minds amused
    They keep pulling at my strings
    Leaving me nothing but abused

    Well that’s it
    I’ve had enough
    Curse all this God damn torture
    It’s too hard for me to be tough

    I’ll take my little hatchet
    Put gashes in each and everyone’s head
    They can’t use me any more
    Once all those bastards are finally dead

    I can’t stand their voices
    Their misanthropic tone
    I’d rather hear their screams
    Then afterward I’d be alone

    They don’t deserve to breathe a breath
    After all the pain they caused me
    I’ll lay their corpses one by one
    Stretching as far as the eye can see

    I know you won’t approve
    I know you’d try to stop it
    But you’re not here to stop me now
    All you can do is watch quietly and sit

    Before I start my mission
    I’ll give you one chance to return
    Bring me back to sanity
    Show me my errors so I can learn

    Hmm, let’s see
    Nope, you still ain’t here
    I think I understand
    Your feelings are so clear

    You don’t care for me
    All those promises were lies
    And when you could have saved my life
    You lead it to demise

    Well, that’s fine by me
    I hope you never come back
    Without your thoughts distracting me
    I’m sure to stay on track

    Crawling through the darkness
    Creeping in the night
    Slitting all their throats
    Gouge out their eyes and I’m their last sight

    One by one I mark their graves
    One by one I lay them down
    One by one I cut them up
    And one by one they’re in the ground

    The silence begins to grow
    There are barely any left for me to kill
    All hiding from my sight
    And from my mastery and skill

    They’re begging for their lives
    Admitting they were wrong
    They can save their damn apologies
    For this world they are not long

    Their blood exhilarates me
    I love their damn cadavers
    Watch them gasp for air
    And eat their entrails off my daggers

    Maybe I am messed up
    Maybe my head ain’t right
    But this is what you do to me
    My world is absent of light

    Living in my kingdom
    Just a king alone to rule
    Nobody to hold me back
    Or tell me I’m too cruel

    Twenty years since your departure
    It’s still hard without you here
    All the sadness that you caused me
    Forms again in a single tear

    They are all gone
    No one to take their place
    No one left to kill
    Now it’s peace I finally chase

    Searching in the mountains
    Searching along the bay
    Trying to find my solace
    I look all night and day

    But in my quest I find nothing
    No physical place to go to
    For my peace I must travel
    To my dreams to find you

    Allow exhaustion to take over
    No one is left to harm me
    ‘Close my eyes tight
    And what do I see?

    Colors all around
    A magical place
    A heaven in my mind
    I can finally see your face

    Finally I’m at peace
    This beautiful prize that I win
    Settle with my dagger
    I let sweet death set in.
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