My apologize for this coming up late, been sick. Please criticize but, most of all, enjoy.
I hurry out of the room and out in the cold. The feeling disappearing. People were hurrying to the shower room and heading back to their rooms, I just stood their watching for a while. Ghosts and humans running back and forth, children and adults. If only they knew what the future wasn't as pleasant as they thought it would be. I shook my head, clearing out the evil thought.

"Nice to know that you like the outside." I spun around to see Daniel, a boy who didn't know how to take no for an answer. "I like it too. How about we go and see how the outside takes us?" He smiled.

"We are outside, it hates us, especially the one that has nothing to do with the dead part of it." I stroll back to the rooms entrance when he grabbed my arm.

"Come on, Courtney, you know I can help you, you just need to work with me." I pulled my arm away.

"If you want to help me then go screw off somewhere else and bug off Dan." I stomped up the stairs, hearing his footsteps right behind me. When I got to my door, I tried to slam the door shut behind me but he put his foot in the way. "Leave Dan or I'll hurt you worse than last time."

He didn't move. It didn't sound like he was breathing either. I looked through the crack and seen his eyes rolled up in the back of his head. I scream and someone came and pulled him down. I fall backwards and the door slowly opens up to show them pinning him down to the ground.

Once his body stopped moving, Professor Lorenzo walks in and blocks my view of them carrying him away. "Did you do this to him?" He asks me. And I nod. "Do you know who did?" I nod once again. He helps me off of the floor and helps me to my cot. "Do you know what happened to him?" I nod once again and felt nauseous. He patted my head and walk to the door. "I'll have breakfast sent to your room. You stay in bed for a little while longer." And he exits my room.

I look over to my bathroom door and the boy is smirking at the door. "Serves him right." I stand up to go touch him but when I get a foot away he looks at me and frowns for once, dissolving into a cloud.

"No, wait." I reach out and touch the cloud, having it burn my skin. I pull back and hold my hand, watching the cloud disappear. I look down at my hand and no sign of it being burn on it, but the pain was still there. I walk back to my cot and Sindy walks in. "What do you want?"

"Is that how you greet your visitors? Or even someone who is bringing you breakfast?" She strolled in like if she had done it her whole life. "Here, bacon, eggs, pancakes, orange juice. Don't know how you did it but you got out of the first day of classes." She smiles and sets down the tray. "But you'll have more work than me." She pivoted on her foot and started to walk out the door.

"Stop being such a ho and grow up. she spins around and glares at my smirking face.

"A ho? Really? How cruel of you. How about I teach you some manners?" She crept back and the boy came back.

"Wait." My eyes began to grow wider. "You don't want to do that." I looked at Sindy and her smile forming around her mouth now. She thought I was talking to her. "If you do that I'll get in trouble, boy, please don't do that, Daniel was one thing but no more." Sindy looked confused, she looked around.

"A ghost friend of yours? Humph, it isn't like they can harm me." She stepped closer and the boy grabbed her arm, she froze. "What?"

"Let go." I stood up and he looks at me like I was stupid or something. "Let go of Sindy, if you want to harm someone, harm me." he lets go of her and steps back, baring his teeth at me. "Don't you dare bare your teeth at me." I say louder, Sindy backing out the door.

"You're crazy." she runs down the hallway.

"You're no fun." He says and leaves just like before, only this time, the cloud was black.

I sit down hard on my cot and thought about the short time it took so many events to happen. Learning about how I could see the dead but also the after life beings. Not only see but also touching, speaking, and hearing ghosts being a rare ability for humans to have all three of. Also finding out that I have a demon that is following me, not harming me but just watching me.

I lay down to rest my head that was beginning to spin, only to find myself fall a sleep once again.