-Thrash metal, Comedy Rock, Hardcore Punk-

Current Members:
Oderus Urangus - lead vocals [Dave Brockie]
Flattus Maximus - lead guitar, background vocals [Cory Smoot]
Balsac the Jaws of Death - rhythm guitar, background vocals [Mike Derks]
Beefcake the Mighty - bass, background vocals [Casey Orr]
Jizmak Da Gusha - drums, percussion [Brad Roberts]

{They have A LOT of members that have been in Gwar, but Oderus Urangus is the only founder still in the band}

Official Website:

They have at least 13 albums. Their latest are Lust in Space [2009] and Bloody Pit of Horror [2010]


Stage Performance:
Band members are in extravagant costumes and yet very little with the rest of their fat flabby bodies covered with makeup. In their concerts they spray the "Slave pit" [is what they call the pit] with fluids like sperm, blood, vomit, etc [but they are made out of water and food coloring. for the thicker fluids; clear seaweed extract]
Another trademark of GWAR's concerts, is their ridiculing of celebrities and figures in current events. They also make frequent references to political and historical figures, fantasy, literature, and mythology.

In addition, their songs are like a whole story. Almost every song tells a part of their story and consist of characters with weird names. They are aliens.


I really doubt there will be anyone in the forum that have heard or loves Gwar. If so, then it's probably very rare, and kudos to you ^^

Gwar is just truly unique and interesting. This is my all time favorite band ever <3 Their concert is also the only concert I would go to if I could only go to one. I have been to one of their concert and it was amazing, honesty, it was the best day of my life. [<-- nothing went wrong that day surprisingly] Their songs are catchy and funny ^^ It depends on the person's taste of course, and their art definitely appeals to my taste :3

My favorite album would be Beyond Hell [2006] I have not listened too much of their older songs, so I need to do that. Specially War Party. My friend recommended it to me.
A few of my favorite songs would be School's Out [Beyond Hell], Metal Metal Land [Lust in Space], Where is Zog [Lust in Space; it has a funny ending xD], Let us Slay [Lust in Space], etc.