Well, we have another 3 way. Because our last entrant (Hyphen) didnt enter for whatever reason, even though I gave an extra day, we will just turn this into a 3 way battle.

SO, lets get this show on the road.

BATTLE: Zenister vs MaruDashi vs Arrancar Gimmjow

Zenister; the entry is very stylized to what we see from her. Use of C4Ds, superior lighting, and that same type face she has used in many other signatures. The color is pretty standard given that the tag is monochrome (one solid color) and very monotone (having the same basic color saturation; as in its not particular dark or light in certain respects to compliment balance). The typography stands out, but this isnt positive, it really does stand out. Mostly because the depth within it that it very seriously contrasts the lack of depth in the overall piece.

Maru; works with he usual style. A vibrant use AND variety of color with stocks images and useful vector patterns. The text is a nightmare though, spread all over the signature, and using multiple type faces, and not bringing any contributions to the overall design. The sporadic use of color, lack of much blending also doesnt bode well for this tag, but key factor looking into this signature is how well it stacks up to previous entries from this user. How creative is it, versus say, the entry she won with in the last BOTM?

Arrancar; the most saturated in terms of its blending of all the entries. Overall, the signature is very over flowed. Its a very busy looking signature that needs refining. Call this observation short, but there's a lot to be said in sticking to simplicity.

This has probably been the most difficult decision so far to be made by we the judges on the BOTM. While we do put all the entries through the ringer, we also want everyone to know that we dont just judge on what you present, but also how you present it.

In the end, our judges couldnt make a decision. Even though we waited an extra day, 24 hours of deliberation didnt change anything. So we are awarding a win to both Zenister and MaruDashi in hopes that this never happens again, lest we run out of cheap vodka.

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