A snailís pace
Music through my salty tears, a fight I cannot win
The soft sad song plays through my ears, Iím done no more itís fin.
Itís cold and dark where my soul resides, alone and scared from him.
The past I cannot fight off, no abuse I cannot run from
No use in fighting any demons of the past for tisí nothing more than a tale of the past.
No past I can change but the future may give way,
Of all the sorrow I get drowned in, my alleviation, my music tells the tall tales I live in.
No fighting in my path, no destruction or disclosure,
Upon any heart or soul that come to repress their lives of no order.
For the trouble I deal with is my depression, nothing more nothing less.
I watch the rain through my window pane drop softly onto the ground
Oh! How I wish my life were as soothing as the rain, or as beautiful as the songs of the birds
That flitters and sings to find another of their kind.
Iíd love to see the world leisurely but I know that nigh will occur,
Then I come across loud blaring tunes,
a female shouts that sheís alive, she tells the world that because she is alive she is happy.
because nothing can bother her.
Her times may get rough, and she may struggle some.
But she is alive, and she knows sheíll pull through

This is the direction I push my life into, slowly surely, at regrettably A Snailís Pace.