I've been away from here for the longest time..Too much things happened.Well,I actually quit poetry a few months ago,and now I'm trying to rebuild my writing again.Here's the first poem I've written a few days ago,the first after the few months of being idle.


I'll remember who you are,
Once,you made me rhyme,
But now,you are far,
And here I am,a silent chime.

Once,you were my angel,
But now,you bring me hell,
A judgement from the archangel,
Yet,I wish for you to be well.

Charmayne,still,I'll remember,
The good more than the bad,
Although I have surrendered,
I'd rather feel the pain,than to see you sad.

Alas,its now or never,
I must erase you from my mind,
Mayhap forever,
But deep in my heart,you may still find,
An ounce of my love for you,
An incarnate for what is true.