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Thread: Juukinzoku Samurai

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    Default Juukinzoku Samurai

    This is a manga I've been working on for a while, I have not gotten to drawing it yet

    It is called Juukinzoku Samurai (Heavy Metal Samurai)
    Its still a work in progress and by work in progress I mean there is an awful lot left to be done
    but I do have a good portion of it already worked out

    So here goes...

    The story revolves around modern day Japan in a world where the Sengoku Period never ended, Samurai still fight for land and glory and the face of Japan's map is constantly redrawn. Despite this Japan is still a very modern and advanced civilization with Huge, almost futuristic cities, and with the improvement in technology their weapons of war have also evolved -- The "Yoroi System" a device that harnesses the users chi energy and turns a samurais body into a literal war machine (It's basically a mechanical suit of armor that enhances a samurai's power speed agility and skill, as well as giving them an arsenal of awsome weapons like rocket propelled kunai, chainsaw swords, and chi cannons.)

    The setting of the story takes place mostly in or near Inazawa, in Owari province
    The main character "Reika Akechi" attends a relativly high class school with her friends but she is anything but an ordinary high school girl, shes actually been trained in the samurai arts by a mysterious mountain hermit that simply goes by "Murasaki" (Preferring not to reveal her surname, provided she even has one at all)
    Murasaki trained Reika to defend Inazawa from the malicious power of the "Yokai" (monsters that have plagued Japan since ancient times)

    The yokai appear as mostly mechanical whith some biological features such as bleeding when they are cut
    and are categorized based on their affiliation with nature

    There are four types of yokai
    - Forest
    - Sky
    - Mountain
    - River

    But yokai are not the only threat to Inazawa, the entire province is on edge as the Takeda clan marches toward the city.

    Characters --

    - Reika Akechi
    -- She is the heroine of the story, has short pink hair with a sakura blossom shaped clip on the left side, she wears a short black yukata with sakura patterns on it when she isn't wearing her school uniform. She tries to be an honorable samurai and always seems to get into sticky situations while fighting yokai
    She is the weilder of a "Hero" type Yoroi (the only one in existance)

    - Shizu Fuwa
    -- One of Reika's best friends she is a quiet ninja who keeps to herself most of the time
    She has long dark hair and uses a "Dragon" type yoroi

    - Suzu Fuwa
    -- Shizu's little sister, she is also a ninja using a "Dragon" Yoroi
    she has short dark blue hair and wears a long green and blue kimono decorated with bells

    - Anju Sakuma
    -- Another of Reika's friends she is the miko of a small shrine on a hill outside the city, she has the power to exorcise demons using talismans, (She uses a "God" type yoroi in combat)

    - Murasaki
    -- The mountain hermit who trained Reika, and is a veteran of a previous war between the Oda and the Takeda. She lives in a secluded area on a nearby mountain with a karakasa

    -- A karakasa that lives with Murasaki, he is extremely annoying and even though he is a yokai he does not harbor malicious chi

    - Ryouma Takeda
    -- The general in charge of the Takeda attack on Owari province, he is rash and jumps to violence at every chance, he uses a "Tiger" type yoroi (A reference to his heritage and the Tiger of Kai)

    -Akira Kobayakawa
    -- A beautiful girl that is helping Ryouma take Owari, her motives are unknown but it is clear that they do not coincide with Ryoumas, she rides a pure white horse and uses an "Eagle" type yoroi that even infuses its chi transformation power to her horse giving it a flaming green mane and tail when she enters combat mode.

    About Yoroi types

    I have only developed a few types of yoroi but there is going to be more, the ones I have are

    - Hero -- a unique, one of a kind yoroi that gives the wielder a huge power and skill increase which makes up for the lack of armament (Reika's only weapons are a pair of dual Zanbato (Horse Slaying Swords)

    - Dragon -- a yoroi that is primary used by ninja as it increases the users speed drastically,

    - Tiger -- the opposite a dragon yoroi (again a referance to the rivalry between Uesugi Kenshi and Takeda Shingen) Tiger yoroi bolster their users strength to the point were they can crush boulders with a single punch

    - Eagle -- a yoroi buit for aerial combat that comes equipped with a massive arsenal of missles

    - God -- A yoroi that channels chi into energy weapons like lasers and stuff like that, also a good one for flying

    - Devil -- Pretty similar the the God yoroi but with a little more focus and physical weapons

    So thats just a start, I have a little bit of the beginning worked out but not enough to start making a manga so if there is any feedback you could give me it would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Juukinzoku Samurai

    Good Luck ! And keep up the good work ... I'm also working on my own-made manga ^^

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