Congratulations to our grand final winner. Of course to bother you I am not announcing it up here, and because I am writing this long sentence you are still reading to add suspense, it makes it all the more sweeter. Still reading? Cool. Potato. This is fun..

FINAL ROUND: Zey Oiz vs Zenister vs MaruDashi

Zey hablfablebablbe oiz, brings forth a number of styles, including texturing a halftone effect pattern and smudging. A intersting composition choice given the stock, usually anime images are more fine tuned towards softer effects like vectors. The tag however lacks a center focus, as the stock is duplicated multiple times off center which disrupts what is built around it. The color is pretty flat as well, a very washed out yellow color, which could be bolstered far better with some sort of high saturated contrast color.

Grace-chan picks up on her new style of combing C4Ds and a simple blurred background as the primary effects and depth of the tag. Use of very strong yellows and purples help to build the contrast, and helped by the good use of text placement to even out the tag's design. But its lacks a good use of space. A little more than half the tag is empty blurred space, and most of the C4D effects are cluttered in front of, and behind the stock; when they could have been used far more loosely.

The Great Procrastinator (MaruDashi) shows up with a very dramatic entry. Doing what no other entry in this contest has done, and directly manipulates a stock into a vector. This theme is continued in the signature through the text, it being highly saturated in color, and also doubling as the signature's flow AND blending. Its not without its faults, the tag is actually very empty, it being placed on solid black background, and the vector being a little sloppily done especially in the black lines.

IN THE END, one must succeed, one must win, one must take the prize. And the judges have chosen MaruDashi as the winner. A very interesting, and yet simple piece of work. To meticulously go in actually manipulate a stock to your advantage is rarely seen, and really contribute to the entry's success, giving it far more personality.

To Ruru, you may use this badge to commemorate your eternal victory.

Congrats again to all entries, past and present, to those who made it this far, and to everyone who has help me along the way! Be sure to sign up for the BOTM April if you havent already!