Hello everyone.
I've recently popped back in
on the internet life and dug up
some of my old accounts (like
this one for example) and became
active again.

Now for my introduction...

My name is Leanna and my username
on most websites is Handcuffs. So if
you ever spot another, it's most likely
me. Haha (:
I tend to be extremely outging, outspoken
and strange all at the same time. I'm
terribly odd but that's only another thing
that makes me so DAMN charming.
I recently turned legal (Canada), so that
means that I'm eighteen years old.
My current favorite anime is probably
Durarara. I'm really happy they brought it
back. As for mangas, I've been reading Nana
and just finished Paradise-Kiss. Good art
and really good story.

Anyways I hope to see everyone around.