It seems replying to visitor messages is quite tricky for some of you, judging from the number of reported messages that have content such as "hi fine how r u". So, I've put together a simple guide.

Step 1 - A wild message appears!

Step 2 - Click on VIEW CONVERSATION. This will display all messages exchanged between you and the other person.

Step 3 - You'll notice the new page has a text box which says POST COMMENT at the top. Type your reply in the box. In this image I entered "Type your message here :-)"

Step 4 - Once you're done, hit POST MESSAGE and you're done =D

What you SHOULDN'T DO, is hit the REPORT button. I know it sits there all innocently and it starts with "Rep" but it DOES NOT say REPLY!

Sometimes, you might forget yourself because you're so eager to talk to your friends and you might accidentally click it. This is cool, because there are some signs that you've gone down the wrong road. See if you can spot the clues in the next image.