Congrats to all winners, below are the duelists and who won out.

Session 1: Balance vs Arrancar Grimmjow

Balance set the stage for this one, as the first entry, you see a weird almost floral pattern being used in almost every other signature. Where that be from Balance's influence or the entrants choice is strange. Balance's tag being a good use of text and focus, but lack the usual use of explosive flow for a slat white background. Grimmjow's colors are more varied, and it has an interesting set up with the text.

Overall, the duel goes to Balance.

Session 2: Annie Hall vs MaruDashi

Annie uses great color, and a superb job at keeping the text nice and together, even emphasizing it more with the dots and variety of type styles. It does however lack so much blending and could have done more with the background. Maru's entry is all about the focus, keeping the lighting, color, and depth all around it. The text is an absolute nightmare with it being scattered and lacking a good hierarchy.

We hand the victory over to Maru. Although not the most perfect tag, its overall composition wins out.

Session 3: Hyphen vs Oizuyex

Following some of the above entries, Hyphen's tag following the same floral theme by using many bright colors and shapes to a do a superb job. However, a poor use of text, and the shapes being clutter and unrefined to fit bring it down. Oizuyex does the same basic thing, although does a better job. Refining more of the colors to the tune of origianl stock, even though certain aspects get a little a lost.

Oizuyex wins on the grounds that both tags are going after the same basic design, the Oizuyex just does it a little better.

Session 4: Arxia vs Tattster

Arxia strays away from her usual style and does a good job by keeping things simple by using only 2 simple colors and keeping the effects centered. However its a little too simple, and could be improved with blending and a better text choice. Tattster follows a unique path, choosing to have the overall design appear yellow, reminiscent of an old oil painting. But it looks flat overall.

Choosing he is difficult, but Tattster wins by sheer creativity, but neither signature brings much to make it stand out.

Session 5: Kazenokaze vs Daken

What Kazen does exceptionally well here is color. What isnt done so well is the overall flow in where the color should direct the piece. Daken keeps simple, but overly simple. The text isnt very readable, and there isnt too much to remark on it.

Hands down, Kazenokaze wins with a superior use of contrast in the colors.

Session 6: Kaitou vs Zenister

Kaitou keeps as many other tags do, and that is keeps it simple. Although whether this is intentional or not isnt so clear. The entry lacks overall effect to draw in any particular attention. Zenister, using C4Ds, better takes advantage of effects and colors. However, the entry lacks blending with the character to all the effects and almost hints on the notion that the focus shouldnt be there.

Overall, Zenister wins by pure use of effects, to keep the entry interesting.

Congrats to all winners, see you in the next theme. Below is a list of those who will continue on.

Participant List:

Maru Dashi