High atop the cathedrals I stand,
A lonely silhouette against the full moon,
Beneath me, there is only peace and stillness
as the city sleeps.

A hundred years have passed me by,
I've neither aged nor weakened,
I dazzle mortal eyes.

These are but wonders of immortality
but does not everything come with a price?
The sun is not mine to walk in any longer,
My life, you may say, is not truly my own
for mortal blood sustains me,
Now I ponder upon what immortality has done for me.

Dawn shall caress the earth in a while,
My body still craves mortal blood,
I shall hunt once more before I lay to rest
in chambers, impenetrable to mere mortals, beneath the city.

My last drink from a crystalline wineglass shall be,
And then I lay down to sleep like the dead I am,
Night shall come again for me to contemplate
and I have all the time in the world.