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Thread: Acts of the Unforgivable: Chapter Three

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    Lightbulb Acts of the Unforgivable: Chapter Three

    Please criticize but, most of all, enjoy.
    CHAPTER THREE: Courtney
    I woke up to pounding at my door, my room dark and no sign of light near by. A spark flew in my chest, someone was watching me. More pounding happened at the door.

    I ran off of the cot and opened the door. Professor Lorenzo standing at the door, frown upon his face. "Courtney, you have a visitor, he insisted it was important that he seen you." His face looked concerned. I knew no one, no one who would visit at least.

    I followed him slowly out into the bitter cold, entering his office of warmth and entering the meeting room for kids who get in trouble. He left and the door on the other side opened.

    D walked through, along with Sam. "Courtney, I'm glad to see your pretty little face. No hi?" He places his hands out in a hug jester. Sam stood behind D.

    "She probably is too tired, Cloud. You should have came later today and not so early in the morning." He went to slap D in the back of the head and his hand going through his head.

    I start laughing. D stares at me in a weird manner, he had no idea what had just happened. Unexpectedly, I jump up and run into his arms. "Sam, D, how come it took you so long to come and visit me?" I pushed back to look into D's eyes.

    "Sorry, we had a little trouble convincing them to let me in." I backed up, he gave up his secret?

    Sam walked around a little, his crystal blue eyes rimmed in a denim blue. "You mean, you got caught?" I begin to walk around, just like Sam was.

    "No, he didn't. He kept quiet when I was making fun of him." Sam began to laugh. "I'm glad he didn't crack."

    D glared at the wall. "It would have been easier if you would have stayed quiet." He crossed his legs. "I'm just glad I have had a long time to practice how to ignore you."

    I stare out of the window to the outside and he was there. "Oh." I walked closer to the window and he faded. "That boy, he came, he followed me here like I told you he would." I turned slowly to D. "He.. he showed up last night, he spoke but I didn't understand what he meant."

    "He spoke?" D was sitting on the edge of his chair. "What did he say?"

    Sam froze, staring at me like I was joking.

    "Not now.. Not now.." I turn back to the window, hoping to see him. "I don't understand what he meant by that. Then he dissolved in a mist type of something."

    Sam jumped at that and ran through the wall. I was staring at the spot he walked through. "Not now? Maybe he didn't want to talk yet." D stood up and paced a little. "Or maybe he was taken by something." Sam ran back in, something in his hand.

    "Or he isn't a ghost." He had a ghost scroll in his hand. "Some people say that some ghosts were never part of the living. They call them the after life beings." Sam looking up and back down at the scroll.

    "After life beings?" Both me and D ask.

    "What do you mean by that?" I sat down.

    Sam looked up from the scroll again. "I'm a after life being." My jaw dropped, D didn't look like he believe him. Mathew flew in from the wall at that moment and D stared at him.

    "Courtney, I can't fall asleep." He walked over and laid his head on my lap and fell right to sleep.

    "I can see him." D looked up from Mathew to see my surprised face.

    "Yes, because you are a death seerer. You spent your childhood seeing ghosts, remember? You fled to your room. You ignored those things after you turned sixteen." Sam walked over and patted Mathew's head. "From ignoring the dead, you lost sight of most of them." He turned to D again. "I don't know how you are able to hear me though, I'm not dead, nor am I living. I was born from the Heavens."

    "The rim on your eyes then, that marks where you came from, correct?" I blurt out. I look down at Mathew, wondering if he had followed me or if he heard anything that was being talked about.

    "Yes, my location and my rank." I rose my head up and looked at him, D looked puzzled. "My rim is darker than most angels." He sat down on the table in the corner. "But I could never explain why some people could see us, the after life beings. The funny part is, every person who can see us, or speaks to us, have one of us following them. Either they would be there to harm them or to protect them. Red rimmed eyes are demons and blue rimmed eyes are angels." He nodded his head when D fell off of his chair, he corrected himself like if he had meant to do that.

    "Demon, he is a demon. I have a demon following me." I look into both of their eyes, trying to figure out what I had just learned. "He is a demon yet I don't have any harm coming to me, more like extra protection." I pat Mathew's head and thought silently.

    "Could such a thing really happen, Sam? Were a demon helps instead of harms?" D asks, still looking lost.

    Sam skimmed through the scroll he was still looking at and then looked up. "Only once before, she did it for a living male she liked. It was one of the acts of the unforgivable. When the Hell's executives heard about it, they burned her and him. But that was over a millennium ago." I gave him a confused look.

    "Act of the unforgivable? What does that mean?" D asks what I was thinking.

    "An act of the unforgivable is when a after life being has feelings towards a living person or for some reason that is dead, mostly living though. The feelings from angel's of destruction are killed and demon's of love are killed when they are found." Sam crossed his legs and folded up the scroll, placing it beside him. "They thought of it as inhuman. What you are is what you should be with and that if you have a problem with you should leave alone."

    The door opened and Professor Lorenzo peaked in. "I'm sorry to interrupt but Mathew needs to go to his room." He walks in and picks Mathew up and walks out.

    "A human who can touch ghosts, he must be a death seerer as well. Specializing mostly of the touch instead of on speech or hearing them." Sam said. "Which reminds me, you can do all three as well Courtney. That is a rare ability to do all three."

    D nodded, he looked up and seen the clock. "Sam, we have to go. Even if it is fun being here, she has school and we have to go to work." He laughed at that. "I mean I have to go to work." He smiled and walked over to hug Courtney. "I'll see you again as soon as I can."

    She hugged him back. "That better be soon. You're the only living being that I like to have around." She let go and he walked out. Sam stood there staring at me. "You better come back as well." He smiled slightly.

    "I might stay." He said. My eyes opened wide.

    "You're going to leave him to stay with me?" I shook my head a little. "You said only one follows, if you leave him, wont you get in trouble?"


    "Then why do you need to stay?"

    "To make sure that demon wont hurt you."

    D stood in the doorway. "Sam, we can think about it, next time we come you can choose whether it is safe for her to be alone or not."

    Sam nodded and grabbed his scroll. "See you later." He flew out of the door with D following him. I continued to sit there, thinking of what I learned today with D and Sam. Then I got that feeling again, the feeling of being watched. I stood up and looked around, no one was around, not even the boy.
    I am no more a rose than I am its thorns.
    No more a gentle breeze than I am the hailing storm.
    I am no more hated than I am loved.
    And I am no more heartfilled than I am heartless.
    This is who I am.

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    Default Re: Acts of the Unforgivable: Chapter Three

    Cool story. When will we see the forth chapter?

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