Release Dates:
JP October 19, 2007
Mega Black Label
JP October 10, 2008
Xbox 360
JP April 23, 2009
NA June 29, 2010
EU February 18, 2011

Cave (Arcades)

[JP] Cave (Arcade)
[NA] Aksys Games
[EU] Rising Star Games

2 Players simultaneously (Co-Op)

Deathsmiles is a shoot em up game where you control 1 out of 4-5 possible characters. It's a side scrolling game that you move from point A to point B while killing demons and monsters as you go along while avoiding bullets and obstacles. If you have played Touhou: Great Fairy Wars, you would know what I am talking about... ^_^

You get to control one of the possible 4 characters at the start of the game, 5 if you are playing Mega Black Label which is in the same game. The characters are all dressed up in gothic Lolita garments and are all don't try to enjoy them too much since not one of them is 18 . They have no background except they were teleported to another world with no story or introduction on how they got there. They basically travel from place to place killing off monsters and demons to get to a goal which is returning to their world.
Score: 6/10
I just felt like there was a lack of character background and story. Although they are somewhat a interesting bunch with unique powers instead of all of them having the same one but in different variants.

This is a basic side-scrolling shoot 'em up game where you make your way from start to finish while killing off your enemies with your magical bullets while dodging your enemies numerous attacks. You start off with three health bars that is next to your character mini portrait and a set number of bombs and a familiar accompany you throughout the game. You can use your familiar to block small bullets to rack up some points. The character uses bombs which when activated, it grants you invisibility. The gameplay does slows down a bit but that is a good thing since you'll need to see the bullets coming at you.
Score: 8/10
There is four different difficulty for you to choose from. Level 1, 2 , 3, and 999. Level 999 isn't as hard as you might think...just a lot of small bullets that you can block with your familiar to gain a higher score.

Like all arcade game, the story isn't in depths, so I can't say much except that you have your characters going through the stages, beat the final boss and than choose to go home or stay in the current world.
Score: 5/10
I give it five because for each character, there are two endings and if you are a completer than replaying it is worth it...sort of.

The music is spot on and fits in with the whole game. catchy tunes that actually isn't annoying.
Score: 8/10

Final Score: I'd give it a 7/10 since the replay value isn't all that worth it besides seeing the endings and beating other people's high score on the leader board.