So I have seen so many musicians that are great. How ever so many people have either never heard of them or even will give them a chance. I would love to know everyones opinion on who they think are underrated and what musicians are blown way out of proportion. I'll start this off:


1. Neal Peart. (I know people are going to want to shoot me for this but in honestly I think he is very creative, but he has never doing anything technical enough to impress me as far as rudimental fills and chops go. on top of top of that I don't see any stick control in his technique)

2. Justin Bieber (I know this kid should be number one on this...but I don't think he deserves it...He can't drum...he can't sing without autotune...he can barely play piano...he's not very good at guitar...then what can he do?...Nothing really, being mediocre at every instrument doesn't really count to me as "talent"

3. Kyo (Now now, put away the weapons. He's not a bad musician just and overrated one. He is very creative and finds new ways to utilize his voice. How ever, when he trys to do it live it comes out very sloppy. This is because he does too many weird things that cause harm to his voice. Which in my opinion you have to have creativity and technique not just creativity.


1. Gene Krupa - This man is both known and unknown at the same time. He was easily one of the most creative drummers of all time. He invented the bass drum pedal and the hihat. He started what we know as "stage presence" yet he falls into the forgotten list with Papa Jo Jones. Granted he didn't have perfect technique because it really wasn't established until near the Buddy Rich era of Jazz were it became all about the difficulty rather then the melody.

2. G Tom Mac - This man is easily one of the most creative musicians I have heard. He only had one big hit in his whole career and yet he continues to find ways to produce an amazing live show as well as using different styles in his music. Yet people often refer to him as a "has been" which leaves me in utter disbelief. If people only understood how hard it is to get a mainstream hit they wouldn't have that same attitude.

3. Cynic - Yeah I know, its weird to put a whole band on a list but these guys created an entire musical genera by themselves. They were often booed off stage in the 90's and finally got popular in the year 2004. Yet they never quite got the huge respect that they deserved. Especially considering how many bands have ripped off their production style.