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Professor Lorenzo, the keeper of the school called 'Lorenzo's School for the Special', has always favored me and my unknown abilities. It was one that no other kid here has or could even mimic. As I sit at this lonely table once again, eating this food that makes me think of D, I think of what my abilities are really for and why I was born with them. D sent me to this crack house long ago, four years from this exact day. I am Courtney Wing, age thirteen, no parents known. I can see one thing, not sure if he is a ghost or if I just made him up and I just see him whenever and no one else can.

And as I look up I see Sindy, the girl who is known by all, the sight seerer of the future. She has only been wrong about one thing, and that was me. She said I was a girl who would join her group, the girls who are following her at the moment, I call them the DCC, or also known as doll crow crew. From left to right, they spell out NUBS, Natalie, Ursula, Brittney, Sindy, they make up the group of all greatness, or so they say.

I make up, what do they call it, the outcast party? Makes me laugh, I have always been an outcast, never thought of being with others who are living, not even my parents or with D again. But that boy, I see him right now, looking out of the window, the one my bedroom is at, he is just staring out into this courtyard. He looks around every which way to see who is around this time. Then he looks over to see me and sees me watching him and disappears. Not as in running away but as in turns into a smoke, poof, gone.

I sniff the air and notice a old musty smell and know that Sindy is near. "Bug off, NUBS. I don't want to hurt you once again." I turn back to my meal and begin to eat once again.

"Awe, didn't think your funk would be here, C." She did a little laugh of victory and turned to the other side of the table. "But come on, take this chance of yours and be with us." She smiles and sits down, the girls right behind her.

"Let me get this straight, Sin, you want me to follow your scrawny half filled bra size rear around? On top of that, no free will, you getting to know me better, and wearing something that shows off half my rear? No thanks." I pick up my tray and start walking towards the east entrance. "Try that one over there, NUBS." As I point over to Betty, the girl who also is a sight seerer. "She would fit in better."

Ursula strolled over and placed her hand on my shoulder, her fingers like ice. "Think again, you have one choice, make your choice, you know what it has to be." An as she spoke, my shoulder began to frost over. "We will be waiting." She released my shoulder and sat down with the rest of her group. And I continued to walk into the school building, my shoulder feeling frozen slightly.

I walked down the silent hallway, no one around, mostly because we are all supposed to be outside right now, waiting for Professor Lorenzo to tell us what our new quarter classes would be this time. Most likely the philosophy of how we came to be and a couple of control how to use your abilities better classes. I don't really care what the classes are, I wont be going to them often, only when I'm bored.

The arch in front of the cafeteria is so old fashion, they need to wash it down. I might end up doing it so they wont have me complaining to them once again. I am normally quiet to everyone who talks to me, some times I make comments, like I tend to do with the DCC girls.

I put my tray on the conveyer belt and walk up to my room, which is on the third floor, the only room that is used on this floor by a living person.

I enter my room and flop down on my small cot called a bed. I smother my face into the old corpse smelling pillow and begin to think. "You shouldn't do that to yourself." Came the normal voice of the boy who hides from others. "You might suffocate."

"Mathew, that is my own concern, go find someone who really would love to speak to the dead." I lift my head to see him peeking through the door to the bathroom. "If you want to hide then hide, I'm not the person you talk to when you have trouble."

He slowly slides back into the bathroom and stays quiet. I always have the dead wanting to speak to me, but I don't like to speak to them, especially those who are younger than me, I don't know how to speak to them properly. Mathew was nine years old when his house burned down. Just like me, he lost his parents or never had parents. He wont leave my room unless he is forced to, plus he isn't the boy with the black eyes rimmed in red, that only I can see.

I felt prickles down my spine, just like I always do when I'm in my room and I think of him. I don't even know that boys name, and so I call him the boy or that boy. It feels so improper to say that but without knowing his name I am clueless.

"Rules have been set up, you know." I look at the door to my room and Professor Lorenzo is standing there, staring at me with his cold green eyes, hair all grayed out turning this way and that way. "Mathew, you shouldn't be in a girls room, even if you are young and dead, you should be in your room with your roommate." He walked into the bathroom and herded the boy out. "Come with me, I'll be right back with you in a second, Courtney." He exits my room.

I stand up and walk into my bathroom and brush my teeth, up and down, up and down. I look into the mirror and see my dark blue eyes and see my history swirling through them.

"Courtney." I jump and turn to the door to see Professor Lorenzo. "Don't worry, he is back to his room." He placed his hand on my shoulder and I felt him trying to comfort me. I swatted his hand and took a step back. "Relax, come down stairs and let us begin the next quarter class beginning meeting." he slowly exited the room. I rinsed my mouth and followed him like I almost always did.

When we entered the courtyard, I find the closest chair to the exit incase I find a reason to leave, meaning anything I don't really care to hear. I look up to my room and that boy is back in the window, his eyes staring at me. His lips snarl a little but then turn flat, he just stayed there, not moving, not disappearing this time, just staring.

I stood up and reached out to tell him not to leave but before I could, Professor Lorenzo clears his throat, and I sit down.

"Now, today is a great day, the beginning of the next quarter." He listened to people begin to complain, my attention went back to the window, he had came and now he is gone, but he never just stared. One exception to that, when I was little, the same night D found me.

"Classes are listed on the paper that is being passed around, you must follow it." He looked over at me, knowing I wasn't going to follow it. "I understand how you must feel about this change once again, I tell you this is to better you abilities, to control what you are able to do." He stepped down from his stand and walked into the building on the other side of the building, I quickly snatch one of the papers up and enter the entrance near me.

I rush upstairs and open my door, him standing there, looking out the window. Him being about my height, my size, my age. His body looked a little tougher than normal skin and he didn't look hollow like the ghosts normally did but had a hollow since to him. His short brown spiked up hair the only thing I could see of his head. Maybe I was dreaming again, I pinched myself. "Ouch." He spun around, nope not dreaming.

"Not now... Not now..." He said and then the cloud came and started to take him away. I ran to where he was at and just stood there waiting. Nothing happened, no one returned.

I stood there until I felt tired, my eyes dropping off my face. I walk over to the cot and lay down, closing my eyes and dreaming, not of a dream but of a memory. The first day I went to talk to D about the night he found me, the first day I talked to someone.