We live here on this planet and we learn lessons, we live and we breath. We love, we fight. When we are younger? We enjoy reading those books that were always thought of as weird as we grew older, watching those Disney shows that slowly disappear from our minds as time goes by. We say we had grown out of it but in a since, do we really grow out of it? As we grow, we find new ways to get those lessons out there, even if it is blinded as only entertainment. If you look how things are going, they are recreating almost every kid story we read or watched as a child into something adults would enjoy.

Reason for this thread: I would like to hear what you read or watched as a child that you learned something from. (Any story, any show you had watched, that you learned something from.)

Mine was from reading Beauty and the Beast, it's not the outside but the inside that counts. Someone may look very ugly, hideous, but they have their more beauty than anyone who may look sexy or gorgeous.