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"Courtney Wing, that is what the documentation says." Dr. Fellow reports to the young soldier in deep blue pants and a white shirt. "No parents on record. Found at the age of seven beside the high school in Buckland Heights." He looks up from his paper work to look through the window to the child who is sitting alone in the corner, her hair short and choppy, her eyes squinty. "This is how she has been like since she was brought here." He looks back at the soldier. "Are you sure this is where she should be placed?"

The young soldier paced for a second. "I was given orders to place her there. She has one of the three abilities that we know of and that being out of the seven other abilities. If she is placed there she will learn what and how to control it." He stops pacing next to Dr. Fellow and looks through the window. "Like you told me, she talks to herself and hides from the other kids, and you also reported the other kids making fun of her for talking to herself." He looks him in the eye. "Lorenzo would love to have this girl into his care, and on top of that, she will feel welcome and might talk to others."

Dr. Fellow walks over to the door. "Very well, she is now in your care, Mr. Zeal." He walks into the room and past the other kids who are laughing and enjoying themselves.

"He is back. Why did he come back?" She repeats to herself. She looks up from across the room to Dr. Fellow, who was standing next to her. "And then he left, again."

Dr. Fellow shook his head a little. "No worries about him anymore, Courtney, you are going some where safe now."

"No." She states. Then she looks back to the spot she was staring at before.

He felt shocked. "No? And why don't you want to leave that boy here and be some place that you would feel safe at?" He kneels down beside her and looks into her face.

"He will be there, just like he was in that house." She closed her eyes and started to think. "Like he said back then, 'Never to live alone.' That was the only time he spoke, the only time he stayed for more than a second." She opened her eyes and looked Dr. Fellow in the eyes. "I will not leave him for he has not left me."

Dr. Fellow looked up at that nurse at the door and waved her over. "I'm sorry dear, it is time to let him go, it's time to go." He stood up and left.

She stood up fast, "I will not go." She yelled after him. All the kids stopped playing, silently watching and listening. "I will not leave, I don't want to leave." The nurse grabbed her up and she began to flail in her arms. "Let me go, let me go, I will not leave him, let me go." She kept yelling while the nurse forced her into the soldiers arms and the soldier left with her.

As the sound of her voice began to disappear, the kids began to play again, not as happily but still able to smile and have fun. "You shouldn't have done that." I tell him, the person he couldn't see. "She was content, she was happy. You should have told them no." I know he could feel the air around him, my smell of burning lavender moving around him slowly. "You should have left her be."

"I had no choice, Sam, the government found out about her some how. What was I suppose to tell them? That she is normal?" He turn expecting to see me but seen the kids instead playing with dolls. "You know I was lucky not to be caught, but someone told them about her, someone inside this building. I couldn't help her and you couldn't do anything yourself, not without letting them find out about me as well." He sat down at the little white kiddy table with a tea set placed upon it. "We can't do anything for her now, Sam. Give up."

"Only when I have died."

"You have died. So that means you give up." He listened for a second, expecting an answer from me. "Sam, don't get to caught up, this isn't the only person who has been caught by them." He listens once again, only hearing the kids around him. "Sam?"

"Don't worry, I'm still here. One thing, Cloud, describe the person she kept seeing again." He stood up and walked out of the room and locked it behind him, nodding to the nurse, and continuing down the hallway to his office with me following close behind. "You didn't have to get specific, you could have told me."

Dr. Fellow opened up the file that was titled Wing, Courtney and flipped through several pages and pictures. He finally found what he was looking for and stated from the document and pushed the picture she had drawn towards the front of the desk, which was where I had seated myself. "I tell you, D, the boy had black eyes with red rims around it, he was about the height of the doorknob, his hair isn't white but it isn't black, his skin is hollow at times, he never smiles and never frowns, just like me. He must have lost something like me." He put down the first page and looked at the picture she had drawn.

He picked up the next page and placed out the second picture. "I tell you, he has grown several inches, D. He didn't stay long but I could tell he grew. I seen him for the first time since the night of those people finding me, the night he told me 'never to live alone.' I am alone. He was wrong, I am alone." He looks down at the next picture of the boy she drew. "What does that tell you, Sam?"

"He grows, his eyes are black rimmed in red, his hair cant be either black nor white, he stayed with her the night she was found alone, he is hollow looking, he doesn't smile nor does he frown. He isn't a ghost I presume, if he was then several people would be able to see him, either that or he has been dead longer than any ghost I know of." Dr. Fellow searched through the papers some more. "What are you looking for?" I lean over the desk to try to see.

He kept searching, not looking up. "I'm looking for the picture of the day she was found, it looked messed up." He picked up one picture after another. Every picture having something in it with her. "If you notice, every picture is like the first one, now if only I could find it." He started to organize the stacks until he stopped looking and stared at one of them.

"I see." Sam said. One by one, the pictures were placed in order, one month after another of pictures of how she was growing. And in every picture a small blur, a soft fog, is around her. "Could this fog be what is following her?" I trace the mist with my finger.

"I've considered that myself. But how would it show up without others being able to notice it?" He continued to look until he looked out the window and seen the skies darkening. "Time to go before someone comes looking." He stood up and walked to the door, stops, then turns around. "But we can continue at my place." He walks back to the table and places all the documents and pictures back into the folder and hides it under his coat. "Let's go, Sam." I follow him.