Every once in a while we encounter a moment in a video game or anime that either freaks us out or disturbing. It can be bosses, scenes, or just plain occurences. But when we encounter a glitch or something like that, it can make an innocent looking game turn horrifying and twisted. Take the famous Majora's mask story, would you beleive the things that happend in that game? And the story about the person himself, his fears, how he got the game, and the backstory make it even more distubing. So I want you all to tell me the scariest moment you have encountered in a video game/anime. Glitches count and you can find stories on the internet if you want too.

I'll start this off with a perfect game for this thread: Silent Hill.

I just started playing Silent Hill because I heard it had a great storyline and was an all around great game, but I also heard on how scary that game is. But I didn't listen. So I was able to get my hands on the game and I started to play. It started out with the games intro where the car crashed and soon I was playing the game. I was running around the town and then I started to hear noises. Not in the game, but outside of my room. I decieded to play the game at night like a f**king moron and I soon regreted it. The sounds started out as a simple taping on my window, but then I started to hear faint voices. Even though I couldn't make out what they were saying, it still was scary, especially when I heard the music go a long with it. ( ) I couldn't help but shiver a little. Then I saw the shadow of a little girl, the so called cherly Harry lost. So I followed her and saw a trail of blood. Then scarier still, when I made it to an alley, a siren went off. Then the voices got louder and I could hear what they were saying "Don't go there", "You'll suffer", "You shall see nothing but blackness and feel only pain". Now I was terrified. Then I made it to the scene with the dead man. After seeing him, I dropped my controller in fear. Then the monsters came. I just sat there and watched poor harry suffer, listened to the voices scream "You fool!", "The curse is upon you!", "Now you shall know the true horror of Silent Hill!!". Then Harry died, the voices went away and I saw harry awake and perfectly fine in a diner. So after talking with Cybil, I saved and immediatly shut the game off. I haven't touched the game since. I have played other silent hill games, but it hasn't happend to me before. But sometimes, when I'm all alone at night...I can hear the voices calling for me.

Well thats my story, now tell me some of yours.