Well, like the title says: share a story. Let it be funny, scary, or...it's just better to say any story you'd like. =)

I'll start off so no one feel shy. XD

A few years back when I was maybe 8-10 years old, I use to live in a house that had a resteraunt under it in Philidelphia. My parents ran that place but for some odd reason I always had a strange feeling that it wasn't just me and my family that was living there. It felt like someone else was there and the bathroom wasn't an ordinary bathroom either. On the roof had some sort of checkered board pattern iron gate but it had square holes and it had chains dangling from it (maybe 3 of them). So than one night, I woke in the middle of it and I found myself unable to get up, it felt like something was pushing me down and they say that when something like that happens; it means that a ghost is holding you down (I was laying on my back). And it kept happening for a few days until it became a game for me. xD It would tap my shoulder on the right, I'd turn to the right. Then it'll tap me on the left and I turned to the left. And than I fell for it and layed on my back and my only thoughts were "....alright, you got me..." so than I would try to fight back, tried to break free, it literally felt like I was going to do a kamaihamaiha from dragonball Z. xD And when I broke free, I'd sit up than lay on my back again to let it push me down and started telling it "oh yeah? lets see how long it takes for me to break free this time xD".

Than a few years went by after moving and I guest whatever it was got tired or something because I stopped getting those feelings and stopped waking up in the middle of the night and so it got less and less frequent (I'm 18 by now, I honestly expected it to follow me. xD). So then one day, me and my friends were up stairs playing and talking than all of the sudden all these flashes of light came out of no where. I remembered just laughing at my friend because he was so amazed with it, his eyes were all big and kept yelling "Do you guys that?! Thats so cool!" xD and than a week or two later, my bed cover would be pulled off from me, and I would pull it back, it would pull it off. Than I finally woke up and saw a black silihout, I remembered looking at it and actually said something to it..."You gotta be shittin me..." xD. It dissappeared when I blinked and to me...it was still a game to me so I asked "Where you goin baby?! xD"

To this day, I never felt or seen those things anymore. You guys who read my story are probably thinking "Something is wrong with this guy...", but I'm normal in the head. I just got a kick out of playing with whatever it was. But I guess whatever it was got tired of me or something because my butt wasn't scared, basically it just stopped all together. xD