aka Bawww song =P. Although I'm not a big fan of Visual Kei, but I used to love this song (despite its annoying riffage... Those VK bands don't even know what "harmony" means!! *shakes fist*) It's a bit old, but it's one of the rare songs that make me cry easily. Thus a "bawww song" XD


出会ってからどれだけ同じ傷を負い どれだけ支え合った?
事実が目に焼き付く 無言で不動の君は何を思う
理由などいらないさ ただ僕の君を返してくれれば

How much did we bear the same wounds since we met? How much did we support each other?
When you were in pain, you wanted to tell me out of everyone else
Reality scorches my eyes. In this silence and motionlessness, what are you feeling?
I don't need any reason... if you just return me my you.



How much is it more painful for you who turned into void
than it is for me who was left behind?
Even though nothing has started yet,
and even though I haven't told you these words yet,
Where to...?

this voice dose not reach you...
目を開けて 嘘だと笑ってみせてよ・・・

Reila, Reila... Reila, Reila...
Even if I called your name,
this voice does not reach you...
Reila, Reila... Reila, Reila...
Open your eyes, if it's a joke, and show me your smile!

明日は何処へ行こう 君が望むなら

Where are we going tomorrow? If you wish
I'd go anywhere

君はいつもそう 僕が思う程
もう届かない もう届かない

To the extent I'd think you'll always be like this,
you'll end up going somewhere

You'll leave me again, and go away on your own, won't you?
My words won't reach you, they won't reach you anymore
even though I thought I finally found you
Everything that I have held on to fell apart,
turned into tears and fell away

1) This somehow makes sense when I read it in my own language, but I have a feeling it doesn't make sense in English.

2) I know what 届く means in an emotional context (the other person knowing what the first person feels about them), but there's no good way to say it in English. Suggestions here?

3) Something better than "hold on" and "fall apart"? >_<

今 此処で君に歌うよ

Reila, Reila... Reila, Reila...
These words I couldn't tell you,
Reila, Reila... Reila, Reila...
now I'm singing them for you here
Reila, Reila... Reila, Reila...
I love you more than anyone else
Reila, Reila... Reila, Reila...
I love you, I love you

二人が居た部屋 今もそのまま
鍵もかけずに いつでも君が帰って来れる様に
ずっと待ってるよ 理解ってるけど

The room we were in is still as it was
Even the keys are still there so you can always come back
I'll always wait for you. I understand but
even now I still see you opening the door for me


Tomorrow you might come back to me for sure...

Ah, the headache. Whenever I find something like きっと and だろう, or きっと and かな in the same sentence, I think there are only two possibilities:

1) Each of them refers to something different. For example, きっと doesn't mean being sure about you coming back, but it means if you come back, I'll be sure I won't lose you again. (Though I don't know the right phrase to use in English) ... while the "unsure" or "might" or "wonder" part is about whether or not you'll come back.

2) The Japanese are nuts.

Thanks ^^