Please critique as harsh or as easily as you choose, but please enjoy what you read if you can please.

Night sky that shines down tonight,
Bless all who seem to be in sight,
Wash these tears that sting like a bite,
Turn all the fear into something bright.
Just wish you were here day and night
To help me hold of this ever fearing fight.

But facing down I have to cry,
You were too young to even die,
Losing in what you believed-sigh...
Every drop spilt feels so dry,
You left before I could even say bye,
From the stone I turn-I hope it's all a lie.

Rolling clouds of saddened gray,
And here your tombstone lay,
In this undermining shrubs ray,
But I have to leave with no delay,
I can't bare to see you all fray,
I promise to come back in the month of May.