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Thread: Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 7 'Vows Of Friendship' Entire Chapter/Episode

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    Default Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 7 'Vows Of Friendship' Entire Chapter/Episode

    COPYRIGHTę Do not steal it is mean!

    this is an entire post of chapter/episode 7! i've divided this one into parts so it will be easier to take breaks, hope you like it.... to understand the story and characters please go to my other threads before this one... thanks! sorry for the long wait busy busy >.<

    Chapter 7: Vows Of Friendship Part 1/3

    At that moment far away from where Akemi was in an eerie sinister castle, the villains were gathered in the castles dining room.

    “We should strike now while they are separated that way we can get rid of them much quicker.” Jinsoku shouted then he banged his fist on the table.

    “What a foolish ploy, Jinsoku you really are worthless.” Hareyakana said coldly “I also have a plan but it’s much better than Jinsoku’s, I say we trick the rats with a little music.” She then began to laugh evilly

    “Both of you have you forgotten who makes the plans here.” Kokatsuna said “They have just arrived in this world therefore they know nothing, they are now in that pompous of a man Isamu’s protection, so we can’t just waltz into that town.” Then he smiled “I think I know who would be perfect for this job…. Here’s what’s happening.”

    Then back at the tavern Takeo and Akemi were talking to Sayuri

    “So lemmie get this straight.” Sayuri began, “Your friends are somewhere in this town, and you think that they might be lost?” Sayuri scratched her head.

    “Yes we’re sure!” Akemi said impatiently “We have to find them!” Akemi started to panic

    “Don’t panic, they can’t have gotten very far.” Sayuri reassured “our town is big, but since most of the Heroes have gone on the big expedition, you’ll find it’s quite empty.”

    “We should start looking it looks like it’s going to get dark soon.” Takeo said, they all nodded and then ran after Sayuri’s lead.

    Chapter 7: Vows Of Friendship Part 2/3

    “Where the heck are we?!” Shou said to Kasumi “We’ve been walking for ages, this town is deserted and there’s nothing to eat!”

    “And it’s all because YOU ran off, we could be with Akemi and Takeo working out something, but we’re not because you just had to run off!” Kasumi shouted angrily

    “HEY! It’s not my fault you followed me remember? And if you don’t like being with me then go find them yourself!” Shou said harshly

    “Fine then, I have no argument with that goodbye.” Kasumi then stormed off in the opposite direction.

    Kasumi felt bad for leaving Shou alone but maybe it was better than fighting all day and getting nowhere. After walking for awhile Kasumi could hear faint shouts coming from somewhere it sounded like a few people’s voices joined together, then she realized that the voices were calling her name.

    “I'M OVER HERE!” Kasumi shouted as loud as she could, she knew it was Akemi and Takeo but the third voice was unfamiliar to her. “Maybe they did meet someone after all.” Kasumi thought.

    Kasumi saw three figures come into view, two were recognizable but to Kasumi the one in the middle was a complete stranger.

    “KASUMI!” Akemi shouted she was glad she had finally found her lost friend, she hugged her joyously. “I’m so glad we found you we looked everywhere!” Akemi then paused realizing that Shou was not with Kasumi.

    “So you realized.” Kasumi said observantly.

    “So where did he run off to this time?” Takeo said with a sigh.

    “Well… we had an argument and we left each other, and if you don’t mind me asking who is you’re new friend?” Kasumi replied

    “I am Sayuri Reika!” Sayuri shouted energetically, “pleased to make you’re acquaintance!” she then saluted pointlessly but she appeared to have meant it

    “Well it’s nice to meet you.” Kasumi said with a smile “So umm shouldn’t we be looking for Shou? He could be anywhere now.” Kasumi added

    They all nodded and began their search.

    Chapter 7: Vows Of Friendship Part 3/3

    Shou was pondering on what Kasumi had said earlier while looking at the sunset, he was also hungry as well as thirsty, he finished walking up a hill then to his amazement saw what looked like a giant apple tree, next to that there was a well filled to the brim with water.

    He ran with excitement eager to bite into a juicy apple and drink some of that refreshing water.

    He picked a few apples and moved to the well the water looked crystal clear and as blue as a tropical ocean he removed his gloves and put his hands in, the water was cool just as he was about to bring his hands out he realized he couldn’t because the water was frozen over.

    “Looks like you’ve been caught blue handed” a chilly voice said from high above.

    “WHAT THE…” Shou shouted in mid sentence

    “Hah confused are you? Don’t worry I’ll only be a minute.” The voice said, then a figure jumped out from high atop the tree, it was a boy that looked about Shou’s age, he had white spiky hair and purple eyes, he wore a cyan vest with no undershirt and matching pants and shoes, he looked very strong for his age.

    “Sorry for freezing you solid but I’m here to make an offer I just had to make sure you would hear me out.” The boy tipped his nose and smiled “The names Hiyatsuyoi Yukan’na, and I’m here to make an offer you can’t refuse.”
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