[ Crimson Romance ]
A Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fanfiction

Author's Note: Yeah, I know. The last chapter was a quack but I promise this one is filled with a little more humour. I hope you're enjoying the ride. Or not. Whatever.

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Chapter Two

The blonde sat there in the car, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. Where was he? He should be getting out any minute now. Blankly, he looked down at the watch on his wrist. It was a little bit before 11 o'clock.

That's when he noticed the gates of Central Prison close behind Kimblee. With a smirk, he hit the horn to grab the attention of the man. When nothing happened he looked down at the wheel, his eyes widening some. That was when Kimblee started running down the street.

"What the -- THE HORN WON'T WORK!" The boy cried, sticking his head out the window, "Get back here you dumbshit!"

He'd paid good money for the car, too! The boy -- who was just another disguise for Envy -- tried starting the car. It wouldn't start. He turned the key again several times with just the engine hissing everytime. He pounded on the steering wheel and tried one more time. At long last, the engine fired. He drove as quickly as he could after the Crimson Alchemist.

After a couple of blocks he noticed the man run through an alley that the vehicle couldn't fit through. The young boy got out of the car and started running after him. When he was out of the alley, he looked both ways to see where the older man had went. That was when he saw him turn a corner through another alley. Envy quickly followed behind.

By the time he'd caught up with the alchemist it was too late. The train had left. The boy ran into the train station and shook his fist at the departing train.

"You can't get out of jail for free you know!" He yelled then muttered to himself, "...Father isn't going to be happy."


The weather was perfect. The sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. The blue expanse stretched above them, taking up the horizon. It was a perfect 80 plus degrees out. A great opportunity to go to the beach. This is what Maria loved about California.

She'd gotten a couple of days off of work at the library and Patrick had managed to squeeze in his vacation time. It was summer so Julia -- Patrick's younger sister -- had gotten out of school for about three months.

They'd been driving for a good hour or so. It was a rare occassion when they'd gotten to go to the beach so they'd kept themselves occupied with the radio. The song ended and the cassette player clicked. Maria -- who was driving -- ejected the tape and turned it over. It started playing a familiar song.

Maria had had her hair up in a ponytail. It was waving around in the wind rather wildly. Beside her, in the passenger seat, Patrick sat. His orange-red hair, even though it was short, was mussing up in the wind.

Julia sat in the backseat, sunglasses hiding her eyes. She'd had her arms up behind her head and one leg crossed over the other. She didn't sit on either side of the vehicle but in the middle. She felt that she was in most control sitting there. The roof of the convertable was down.

The highway seemed to never end. Julia leaned back in her seat and started lipsyncing to the song. Meanwhile, Patrick had gotten the map out and started reading it.

"Alright, it says we need to take this exit to get to town. Let's stop for something to eat real quick and then make our way to the beach," Patrick informed them. "Let's stop at McDonald's or something."

"Noo," Julia whined, adjusting her sunglasses. "Let's stop at a family restaurant or something. I get hungry again an hour later after eating McDonald's."

"Just let her eat wherever she wants," Maria said, "It's on me so the cost doesn't matter."

"You sure, Maria?" Patrick gave a lopsided smile.

"Yeah, it's fine. Afterall, we wouldn't want the birthday girl to miss out on some good food, now would we?" She took a glimpse to the backseat, smiling, then back on the road. "Oh! There's our exit!"

Maria clicked on the turn signal and changed lanes until they were ready to enter the exit.

Sticking out of the trunk was a white surf board that had a red and yellow stripe going down the middle of it. It was tied down with cables they'd bought at the dollar store back at home.

Julia was always quite the bargain hunter. Whenever there was a sale or a thrift store she just couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy something. Maria was never really good with shopping so she always let Pat's younger sister do all the work. And man, did she find some good deals shopping with her.

They'd driven into town and had stopped at a local restaurant. They laughed and carried on, making quite a commotion in there. After they were finished they'd paid the tip and tab and left for the open road again. Once they were in the car, the cassette started playing again.

Once at the beach they'd gotten out all their things -- picnic basket, blanket, towels, umbrella, volleyball, ect. -- and almost immediately started playing a volleyball game. Julia was wearing a rather skimpy bikini that her mother had forbidden her from wearing. She wasn't there to tell her what to do, now was she? She'd even managed to get Maria to buy her first bikini. Julia was half jealous because Maria was already so dark. With a natural tan you wouldn't have to worry about tan lines, now would you?

Before they'd started the game they'd all drenched themselves in sunscreen. Maria was always so cautious about them not only getting sunburns but any strange skin conditions -- be it moles or cancer. She'd always played the mother figure among them.

After their game was over they rested on their towels under the shade of the umbrella they'd brought. They sipped at the soda they'd had. Maria had a straw poking out of her can while Julia had two. Patrick drank his straight from the can.

"Do you think we're going to be like this forever?" Julia asked out of the blue as they watched the water come to shore then leave. "You know after university you're going to get married and have kids. We won't be able to do things like this anymore."

"...Why would you ask that?" Maria turned to look at her.

"Well, it feels like just yesterday that you guys graduated from high school --" Julia bit her lip, looking away. "You're going to be attending university and we're not going to be able to do this like we used to."

"...Oh, Julia," The older woman patted her shoulder and gently rubbed her arm. "..Sure, things might get a bit busier and chaotic but we'd never forget about you. We're family, remember? We're always going to be together even if it does mean we have to drag a bunch of little kids to the beach with us."

"You promise you won't forget about me?" Julia slurped at her soda.

"..Of course not. I love you, you know that?" Maria leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"I love you too, Maria."

"Say," Maria got up from her spot, "You want to watch me surf for while?"

"Yeah!" Julia's mood had perked up. "Me and Pat will be here watching you!"

She got up from her spot and headed back to the car. After untying it from the trunk, she'd carried her surf board across the sand and toward the water. Once there was a good current, she plopped it down and lied ontop of it, floating further out. When there was a good wave, she stood up and started surfing.

Julia got out her camera and started taking pictures of it. Earlier, she'd taken pictures of them playing volleyball. She brought several rolls of film. This was going to be perfect to put into her scrap book at home. She giggled, getting up from her spot to get a better view of Maria.

"Go Maria!" Patrick cheered from his spot. Julia chimed in behind him.

That was when she felt the most free. When she was out there on the waves she felt a high that couldn't be explained in words.

Maria sat there on the train, fiddling with her fingers. She had the earbuds in her ear, listening to the song on her mp3 player on loop. It reminded her of much better times. Oh, how much she missed Patrick and Julia. She knew that by now the young girl would probably be in school unsuspecting at this time as to the whereabouts of her brother and his best friend. It had only been about maybe a day since they went missing.

She remembered feeling the ocean spray on her face and the smell of salt water filling her nostrils. It was much like a dream. Did all that really happen or was Mr. Kimblee and Brielle correct about her? Had she really hit her head and lost her memory?

She wondered if she'd ever get to see California again. And what happened to Patrick? That was when the image of him being yanked inside the giant door came to mind. It was a frightful sight that she couldn't exactly explain. Where did he go? Would she ever see him again?

The woman faced downward, unaware that Mr. Kimblee was staring at her the entire time. He'd also wondered where this angel -- this Maria person -- had come from. He knew she had a story behind her. He wanted to know that story and much much more.

Brielle was flicking at a few strings on her guitar. She wasn't really playing it at all, just making noises with it here and there.

Boredly, Maria took out her book again. It wasn't just any book, either. They might not have noticed it earlier but the book she was reading was infact the Holy Bible. In her purse she also had tiny books of various apocrypha, though it was hard to read them. That was why she had her reading glasses in their case. When she was reading the Bible, though, she didn't have to use them because it was large print.

With a sigh, she switched the song on her mp3 player. Maybe replaying those memories wasn't so good for her. They only made her depressed and gave her a feeling of painful nostalgia. That was when the train slowed down, readying itself to stop.

Maria looked up and toward the front of the train.

"I wonder what's going on," She said blankly, the others' eyes following hers.

That was when there was an announcement over the airwaves.

"There's been an accident on the tracks. We're stopping here in Pottstown for an expected four hour layover until the tracks are repaired. You may either stay on the train or get off and do something until things are finished. We apologize for the inconvenience."

"Four hours, huh?" Kimblee tipped his hat downward somewhat.

"I know! Let's get something good to eat, Maria. Train food always makes me gag." Brielle motioned her finger into her mouth, making a gagging noise.

"Would you like some company?" Kimblee asked, Brielle glaring at him.

"Oh, please, Bri." Maria begged her, "I'm sure he's not that annoying once you get to know him."

"Whatever." The blue haired woman rolled her eyes, getting up from her seat and putting away her guitar. With that, she picked up her suitcase and guitar case.

They all left the train, walking through the town. Kimblee had made it known that the first thing he wanted to do while they were there was to see a lawyer. Since they couldn't find any law offices right off hand, they decided to go to City Hall.

The people who worked there apologized, explaining that the closest law offices that were available were in either Central or West City. It was a little inconvenient in his opinion but they were heading to West City, anyway.

"Where do you want to eat?" Maria asked, carrying her purse at her side. It was a bright teal blue with the brown "TH" logo on it. It was a Tommy Hilfiger bag that Julia had bought her for her birthday at some random thrift shoppe.

"Anywhere sounds good to me," Brielle commented, then pointed at a nearby place. "How about there?"

"Right, right -- let's go." Maria smiled, "Remember you said that the last person to the train pays for the meal?"

"...Oh ****." Brielle remembered that now. "I'm kind of short on cash."

"You couldn't get any out of the bank?" Maria blinked.

"Don't have a bank account anywhere."

"If you don't mind," Kimblee stated, "I could pay for Maria's meal and you'd be left only paying yours."

"Oh, right, right. What kind of strings are you planning on playing here?" Brielle asked, automatically being distrusting. She had suspicion that Maria had lacked.

"Strings?" Maria asked.

"...I'm sure we can figure out how she can pay me back." He smirked.

"You'd better not take advantage of her you perver--"

"What do you take me for? I'm a gentleman. I'd never ask for anything more than what I give."

"Not even interest?" Bri glared at him.

"Usually not."

"Can we argue about this later? I'm starving!" Maria whined, her stomach growling. "We haven't had anything to eat since yesterday."

"Then, by all means, we should get going," Kimblee replied. Again, Brielle rolled her eyes.


The restaurants they'd had there weren't all fancy or high-tech like the ones they'd had in California. Maria had noticed this as soon as they'd walked in. It was more like one of those tiny local family restaurants. She didn't care what it was, though. She was too hungry to care.

When they'd found a table they all sat down. Kimblee had pulled out her chair and pushed her in politely. When he'd tried to do the same for Brielle, she snapped at him and sat herself down. He noted that the blue haired one was definitely feisty. He wasn't sure if she were overly feminist or if she just wanted to be rude to him.

With a frown, he sat himself across from Maria. Which wasn't so bad, in his opinion. At least he wouldn't have to worry about having Brielle in his view, scowling at him the entire time. It was a relief to see a woman smile at him. It'd been too long since he'd seen a woman. What really irked him, though, was that he couldn't figure out why Maria was so dark skinned. She'd claimed to be Mexican -- whatever that was.

Maria hissed in a nervous breath, looking up at the waitress. She had her hands pressing into her lap, her fingers curling around her dress.

"Would you folks like to start with something to drink today?" The waitress asked politely, her pen and pad in hand, ready to take their order.

"Coffee." Kimblee stated bluntly.

"Iced tea." Brielle frowned. She was in a foul mood already.

The waitress stared at Maria, awaiting her order. "Um.. I suppose you guys don't have soft drinks, do you?"

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about." Then the waitress set the menu down infront of her. "The list of refreshments are on this page."

"Oh.. Okay." Maria glanced over it. "..I guess I'll take hot tea with honey."

"Good, good." The woman set the menus down infront of her friends. "..I'll be right back with those."

"Nervous much, Maria?" Bri smirked at her.

"Hey, I've never been here before," Maria replied, "I usually go to places where I know the staff. Places I've worked before."

"You were once a waitress?" Kimblee asked.

"Yeah, at the local Meat N' Malt. I also used to work as a housekeeper at a little motel in town. Nowadays I work at the public library." Then she corrected herself, "Well, used to work at the library. I don't know if I can get there from here. I guess I should consider it as an old job."

"Yeah, you could get fired for a no-show." Brielle commented.

"I guess I could." Maria sighed sadly, looking down at the menu. That was when their server set their drinks down infront of them.

"Are you guys ready to order or do you need a moment?" She asked.

"I don't know what I want," Maria stated. Mr. Kimblee shrugged and waved the waitress away.

"Right. I'll give you a bit." She left to go take an order at another table.

The little Mexicana flipped through the menu. She didn't want to tax Mr. Kimblee too much so she decided to get the cheapest thing on the menu which was salad. To keep her full, she would drink alot of tea and water afterwards.

Brielle grumbled, looking through her menu. It was annoying that the roach man was going to eat dinner with them. There was just something about him that she didn't like. Crimson Alchemist, huh? He must've been in the military. From what they'd learned about him, he'd just gotten out of jail. She wondered what he did to deserve that time in there. She also wondered what he did to get free. It was a very suspicious situation.

It was at that moment the waitress had come back. "Are you guys ready?"

Kimblee was the first to order with Brielle following behind him.

"I'll be having a small bowl of salad," Maria said nervously.

"Salad? Is that all?" Mr. Kimblee raised a brow. Maria looked down and nodded.

"...No. No." He looked up at the waitress, "She'll be having the same thing I am."

"..Are you sure?" Maria asked.

"Yeah. Pretty sure." He smiled at her, "If anything, you should take advantage of this. Especially when I'm paying."

Feeling a bit more comfortable, she smiled back.

Ugh, Brielle thought to herself, How disgusting. Look at the way they stare at eachother!

"So," He wanted to redeem himself from the earlier incident by giving her a better impression of him than before, "Tell me about that book you were reading earlier. Is it any good?"

"Oh, that? Yeah, it's pretty good."

"What book is it?"

"It's the Holy Bible." The waitress had taken their menus and left with their order.

"Holy? Are they holy scriptures of sort?"

"Yes they are."

"For what religion?"


"Now I remember where I've heard that term before," Brielle interrupted, "I read about them in class. They said that Christianity was a religion before Xerxes reigned. It was an ancient religion that was completely wiped out."

"How can you follow a religion that was destroyed?" Kimblee questioned.

"...Well, where I come from," Maria stirred the honey in her tea. "It's a very popular religion. It's the biggest one in our country, actually."

"There you go again, Maria," Brielle sighed, resting her face in her hand, "Actin' crazy."

"You really are delusional, you know that?" Kimblee took a drink of his coffee.

"I'm not crazy!"

"This obviously upsets you," He verbally consoled her, "Let's talk about something else."

"How 'bout them Cowboys?" Maria made a sports reference that neither of them would understand.

"What?" He blinked.

"...Nothing," She looked away, "It was a joke."

That was when she felt something bump her foot. She felt a shoe trace from there up the calf of her leg. She looked over at Bri, thinking that she was trying to get her attention. It wasn't her. The blue haired one was too busy drinking her tea and daydreaming to want to draw her attention. Maria looked at Mr. Kimblee then. He softly smiled at her. Was he playing footsie with her?

With a grumble, she took both of her feet and pinned his own to the ground beneath the table. She didn't want to upset Brielle by saying anything so she stayed quiet. There was half a look of surprise and half a look of irritation on his face.

"How long do you think before we get our food?" Maria asked, trying to clear the air between them.

"Not too much longer," Bri said, sipping at her tea.

"The weather sure was nice out today, wasn't it?" Kimblee said, having a hard time trying to pull his feet out from under Maria's. Brielle seemed oblivious as to what was going on.

"Yeah, it was quite lovely, wasn't it?" He enjoyed having her pay attention to him. Even if it was contrary to what he'd wanted from her.

"Bah!" Brielle frowned, "I wish it would rain! So it can reflect my mood!"

"You're a grouch, you know that, Bri?"

"Atleast I'm not crazy. They're going to put you into an institution, you know that? You know that?"

"If that were true," Kimblee pointed out, "I would've been in one a long time ago."

You belong in one. Brielle thought.

"I may be crazy," Maria replied, "But atleast I'm not a monster in a garbage can."

Neither of her friends would have gotten the Sesame Street reference.

"A monster in a garbage can?!" Brielle glared at her friend.

Unfortunately, for her, there could be two puns to that saying. After all, Brielle did pick around the garbage alot and she was a total grouch.

"Calm down, calm down," Maria laughed nervously, "I was just joking, Bri!"

"You'd better be." Brielle grumbled.

"Oh, look, our dinner." Kimblee noted, trying to have as calming a voice as he could. Though, he only managed to irritate Brielle more.


It was close to evening when they left the restaurant. Before them the horizon was turning pink and orange as the sun was ready to set. On their way back to the train they were passing a construction site. The men working there seemed to be tying up loose ends before their shift was complete.

There was a rope tied around a large beam. The men pulled on the cord trying to lift it up to the top part of the building frame. Maria was walking ahead of them. She turned around and started walking backwards, talking to Brielle.

"That was a really good meal, don't you think, Bri?" The rope stretched and began to tear.

"Yeah it was. It's the best I've eaten in a while -- if I do say so myself."

Maria smiled, stopping where she was. "So, why are we heading to West City?"

"Well," Brielle explained, "I have family there. My aunt died recently and I purposely missed the funeral. I didn't want to see that ***** in a casket and say some nice, empty words about her. If you didn't notice, I really hate her."

Once the twine cable was completely severed, the beam fell down -- aimed at Maria.

"Maria!" Kimblee cried out, shoving her onto the ground and getting ontop of her in hopes of saving her from being crushed. Brielle reached behind her and took out two fans that were connected to her belt loop. She opened them and raised them up, a blue electrical current running through her hands and into the fans. She waved them upward and a giant gust of wind blew the beam aside. It landed on the ground away from them.

Kimblee looked up and eyed the blue haired woman. Alchemy without a transmutation circle?

"Um, you can get off of me now." Maria said, lying beneath him in an awkward position. Solf looked down at her. It was probably going to be the only time in his lifetime that he'd ever be ontop of her like that. There was an awkward silence as he stared at her. "I said get off of me!"

"Oh --" Kimblee cleared his throat and stood back up. "..I'm sorry."

"Right, right." Maria got up and brushed her dress off. "That was incredible, Bri!"

Soon a couple people came by to see what had happened. A few more people came by. Eventually, there was a crowd around them.

"Would you look at that!" One person shouted.

"It's a miracle! She saved them!" Said a woman.

That was when they began clapping and cheering. "You're a hero!"

"I'm not a hero.. I just --" That was when somebody took her photograph. She was half blinded by the bright flash of the bulb. "Oh God, we've gotta get out of here."

She took Maria's arm and started dragging her through the crowd and back toward the train.

"Man, I hate crowds." Brielle said after sitting down.

"Are you claustrophobic or something?" Maria asked.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." She replied watching Kimblee settle into his seat.

"Do you think we'll be in West City by morning?" The Mexicana dug through her purse and took out some minty breath spray.

"We probably should," Brielle watched her, "Hey, what's that?"

"It's a breath freshener." She sprayed it into her mouth, "You want some?"

"I'm not putting what I don't know into my mouth, sorry."

"How about you, Mr. Kimblee?" Maria got up from her seat and took steps toward him. She held the tiny bottle out to him.

"Sure," He shrugged and reached out for it, "How do you work it?"

"Well, you aim it into your mouth and push the button on top."

He attempted to use it but failed. He accidentally sprayed his hand.

"No, no no. You have to aim the hole into your mouth."

"Oh, okay." The second time he tried he succeeded and handed it back to her. "..It tastes nice."

"It's supposed to." She smiled, sitting back down next to Brielle. He loved seeing her smile. Though, he probably would never tell her so.

"So," His tone was serious, "Where did you learn alchemy Miss Brielle?"

She jerked at the question. She had tried so hard to hide her abilities but had to use them because of the dire situation. It had been an emergency after all! And she had hoped that he wouldn't bring it up. Though, she probably should have expected him to.

"None of your business." She looked away.

"You do know I have to report you, right?"

"That should go into the contract."

"What should?"

"You should agree not to harm or report me if I keep your little Film fiasco a secret." Brielle smirked, her eyes back on him.

"...I suppose something like that could be arranged." He held onto his chin, thinking about it.


They had finally arrived in West City and went straight to a lawyer's office. The weather wasn't as pleasant as it was the day before. It was a bit chillier and overcast with clouds. Though, that wasn't much a concern for them as they sat in the waiting room just outside of the office of Mr. Peter Croitz. They hadn't made an appointment so they had to wait until he had a free slot in his schedule.

It was a couple hours that they sat there. The secretary suggested that they set up an appointment to see him but Mr. Kimblee was adamant about seeing him that day. He wasn't about to wait a week or more to talk to the man. He decided for him and the rest of the party that they would wait until a free slot was available. He sat back in his seat, crossing one leg over the other. Maria sat on his left side and Brielle sat on his right a chair away.

Mr. Kimblee had his hands clasped around his knee as he leaned in Maria's direction, talking into her ear. He wasn't bothering to whisper either. Being this close to her he had the chance to know what she smelled like.

"So," He started, "What's going into the contract for you?"

"What are you talking about?" Maria was confused.

"Well, I'm going to help you get your memory back and find a way home. I'm also promising not to harm you," He explained, "What's in it for me?"

"What?" She blinked.

"You have to pay me back you know. What are you going to do for me?"

She looked down at the ground and thought about it for a minute. How on earth could she possibly repay him? It wasn't like the money she'd had in her wallet would be any use here, especially since it was a foreign currency. There was no way that she was going to degrade herself like offer him any sexual favours. That's exactly what Patrick would suggest that she do, too, the pervert. She took in a deep breath and sighed.

"I don't really specialize in anything," She said, "All I'm really good at is office work. I can also cook and clean and that's about it."

"And take care of babies?" Kimblee grinned.

"What?" She blinked.

He shook his head, a serious look returning to his features. "..Nevermind that. I know how you're going to pay me back."


"And like a good housewi--" He shook his head again, looking down. He cleared his throat. "What I mean is.. You're going to do my cooking, cleaning, paperwork, and laundry. You're going to be my Personal Assistant."

"Personal Assistant, huh?" She'd had friends who were personal assistants. Though, it was usually for people who couldn't take care of themselves. Much like elderly or disabled people. It'd be kind of strange taking care of a man who could probably do most of these things himself. She wasn't about to complain, though, seeing as he was going to help her get home.

"May as well get a marriage license." Brielle muttered, her arms crossed infront of her. She'd faced away from them.

"What was that, Bri?" Maria leaned forward some to get a look at her.

"..I didn't stutter." The blue haired woman grumbled.

Maria shrugged and sat back in her seat with a sigh. Bri was obviously in a foul mood still. She wasn't sure if the woman were really angry or if she was really just sad and had a hard time communicating her feelings with people. She puffed up her cheek a bit, looking back over the secretary's desk toward the office door.

That was when the door opened and a client exited with Mr. Croitz following behind. The lawyer stood by the secretary's desk and leaned down, looking over his schedule.

"When do I get a break?" He asked jokingly.

"Actually, there are some people here who wish to have a word with you before your lunch break, Mr. Croitz."

Kimblee got up from his seat and held out his hand toward the lawyer.

"I'm Mr. Solf J. Kimblee. It's good to meet you," He said, shaking his hand, "Now it's time to get down to business."

"What is it that you need Mr. Kimblee? We'd better make it quick. I'm afraid I don't have alot of time on my hands. I have a full load after lunch, if you get my drift."


So, they took maybe fifteen minutes to get everything on paper. Kimblee wanted everything to be perfect. And basically this is what the contract said:

"I, Solf J. Kimblee, promise not to harm Brielle Bellavarde or Maria Sanchez. I will also provide ( to the best of my ability ) help for Maria Sanchez to regain her memory and to provide a safe way for her to return to her home country. I will also not report Brielle Bellavarde to the military under the impression that she will keep her portion of the agreement.

I, Brielle Bellavarde, under the impression that no harm will come to me by the hands of Solf J. Kimblee, will not expose The Film of Solf J. Kimblee ever. The Film shall not be shown and shall not be spoken of. When I find The Film again I promise to destroy any evidence ( the original and any copies ) that it ever existed.

I, María Sánchez, under the impression that no harm will come to me by the hands of Solf J. Kimblee, will provide him with my homemaking and clerical services ( cooking, cleaning, laundry, paperwork ) as long as he keeps his portion of this agreement."

There were four copies made. One for Mr. Kimblee, one for Brielle, one for Maria, and one for the Office in case any of the copies should be destroyed or lost.

That was when the three of them signed their names at the bottom of their Contract.


Author's Note: And thus our story finally begins. Yes, Mr. Kimblee seems kind of out of character for the first few chapters but I promise I'll try to get him as accurate as possible but remember this is a fanfiction and not everything will be perfect or canon. And yes, Maria is a Mary-Sue and just about everyone likes her. That's why I named her Maria; it's the Spanish equivilant of Mary.

But yeah. I hope you enjoyed this. Read and Review!