This goes for seasons AFTER Master Quest. I personally found nothing wrong with those seasons and after those seasons the show got so bad, that I can't bare to hold it in anymore.. So this is my take on it.

Firstly, I know its a kid show and its trying to teach you what's right and wrong and lessons.. but why is it so corny now? Even in season 1, you could tell how immature ash was, and him in misty had some moments where you could tell it was a kids show but can be enjoyed by maybe teenagers.. But now what? Is there any fighting in it left? I'm not counting Ash and his rivals, because those were never good after Gary.

Second off, Brock. Has he had ANY character development? This shows how bland the show actually is.. Can they not just get rid of him? He's done his part and is completely boring. He used to be really funny and entertaining, but now.. ehh.. just not making me laugh. If they must keep him, can they make his characterany deeper or more interesting?

Thirdly, the voices. Was there a reason why they adjusted the voices from the original seasons and made them sound so terrible? I can't say its their fault if they had no power over the changes, but come on.. The newer voices as of 2005[maybe a bit later] are really.. really bad. They almost sound like nails on a chalkboard at some points.

Fourth. Is it me or the episodes always so similar now? Its like this basically every episode now.. [down below]

Intro: Ash and friends continue their journey to be the best pokemon trainer of all time.
Pikachu: Pika!
Girl: Oh no! My pokemon is being pokenapped or my pokemon is sick!
Ash and friends: We don't know you at all, but we'll help!
Brock: Your cute!
"Brock's ear gets pulled and they end that generic line for now"
Girl: Really, thanks! You nosy group of kids are annoying, but thanks!
Team Rocket: We'll capture Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pika!
Team Rocket: We are blasting off again!
Ending: To be continued..

Its just so generic that its gotten to the point of being absolutely boring.. But I bet you have your opinions on Pokemon.

Now tell me, is pokemon just bad? Or do you still like it?