"Our Home"

Theres this place
off the coast
along the beaches
and on the shores

and when the day is done
the sun sets down
it starts to glow
when you get close

and once the night has comee
and when the light is done
theres the moon
and its ghost

and for all we know
and all we know
is that we are
very close

to the only spot
the perfect spot
that we know
as our home

And on those beaches
and on those shores
there lie footprints
of our ghosts

and on these nights
we walk through times
that we shared
all alone

and with each breath
we feel in our chests
the feeling
of the bold

and through the dark
we find the light
trailing down the coast
our hands held tight
all through these nights
we're a promise
of pure gold

this moments ours