Ever been to paradise?!
Or what was once a paradise?
I am here at the moment
Feeling a little bit content

Embracing. Feeling.

Ever felt the rain coming?
Hearing the waves crashing.
Wave after wave,
Bringing a lot of little slaves.

Sitting. Smelling.

Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes.
Imagine the world beyond this side.
It's such a gloomy place.

But i am not here to ponder.
I am here to wonder
how beautiful paradise could be
when it is as it should be...

i am here to enjoy.
happiness is what i should be contemplating.
peace is what it should bring..
peace, and a little bit of joy.

i am summoned to a place,
surrounded by a lot of trees.
it's the sun and the sea.
all free for me...

i wanted to write the tagalog version of this one... but i doubt anybody would understand...