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Thread: League of Legends

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    Default League of Legends

    Anyone else besides me play this? Graphically appealing, new character releases every few weeks or so, multiple classes to choose from, and FREE.

    Why you should consider playing it:
    League of Legends is, in my personal opinion, a new approach to MMO's. Instead of having to pick wild berries for some hungry mage or slay a few thousand red wolves for that new sword that came out, you are pitted against other players in a raging battle of strength and tactics. Choose from over 30 "champions", and if you play your cards right, lead your team to victory on the Field of Justice.
    Each team consists of 5 or 3 different champions, depending on what map you choose to fight on. You can play Solo, which means match making will pair you up with other teammates, or use that handy-dandy Arranged Team option for fun with friends. This game is perfect for playing an exciting match with your best mates.
    The maps are well detailed, and very expansive. In between "lanes" are forests where you can slay extra monsters for mana buffs or health regen, or just plain experience points. Bushes serve as ideal hiding spots from enemy champs. Map Awareness is immensely important in this game if you want to avoid being ganked by the other team. I cannot stress enough how important communication with your teammates is. To me, this is very appealing. In other MMO's, you get a team, fight, and that's that. However, League of Legends brings to the table a new social experience.

    All in all, LOL is an original MMO with lots of great things going for it. I've only basically summed up the main points of the game, but there are many key points I could bring up. I highly recommend giving it a taste.

    Plus it's free
    So yeah :L

    League name: michizukimangos

    Play eeeeeet
    Play it nooooow
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