My eyes find it hard believing
There's brown nosers giving you the red carpet treatment
Indeed, it's all because of the green-eyed monster
The gateway to greed which leads to what thoughts of demise conjure
Your world is crashing down with gray hairs and that allow
Rationale for you to hate them with a purple passion now
Stop chasing rainbows, never A-OK they whole
Story cause they say so, all that glitters ain't gold
They show they true colors out of the blue
Cause the spectrum reveals the yellow streaks of cowardice too
Look, life ain't black and white and most of the time
I come to find another sign of how much that I'm wishing I was color blind
But, amidst the madness, I'm cool, with some practice
I'll get a better view with my rose-tinted glasses
Noticing the sun still is shining
More than a trillion diamonds and every cloud has a silver lining