WEW, it sure has been a while hasnt it? But, after all this time, its back to doing what we love doing! So, congrats to all winners of that long departed Christmas SOTW, our judges have selected Entry E by Arxia as this week's winner. The colors and overall style do remark on the Christmas theme, as well as the frilly looking choice of text. The stock is well placed, and in focus just enough that it presents itself nicely. To Arxia, you may use this badge to commemorate your victory.

In 1st Place with 4 Votes: Arxia

In 2nd Place with 3 Votes Each: Kazenokaze and Hyphen

Congrats to all winners!

And to BlueAngel, I saw that post in the voting; I am not an idiot and that long number at the end of your name is stupid. So nyeh.