Well the sailor Moon Neon Goddess group has decided to make an audio drama and is holding auditions for the following characters.

Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Pluto
Goddess Mercury
Goddess Venus
Goddess Uranus
Goddess Neptune
Goddess Eris
Goddess Siren
Goddess Quarsar
We need male voices desperately.
There just some simple rules you need to follow
1. Speak loud and clearly (Mumbling your lines is never good people!)
2. Some of these characters doe no not have a bio yet so you might be requested to make one.
3. We will have back ups for your character just in case you cannot do the voice
4. The Goddess are not the same as the Sailors so if you are auditioning for Sailor Mercury that does not make you Goddess Mercury.
5. For the audition depending what character you are trying out for, lines will be provided.
6. All auditions should be submitted in a video or audio form only.
7. Made up are accepted please contact me