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Thread: Light Buster's Review of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

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    Default Light Buster's Review of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

    Published by: EA Games
    Developed by:
    Criterion Games

    The Goods:

    • Burnout + Need for Speed = Good.
    • Beautiful setting and the fastest cars in the world.
    • Can play as racer in one event and a cop in another.
    • Autolog brings greater multiplayer competition as well as unlimited replayability.

    The Bads:

    • AI can be perfect at times.

    The Review:

    Ever wondered what would happen if Burnout and Need for Speed were ever put together? Well, it happened and the result was Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and I have to say that I'm more than just impressed.

    EA and Criterion Games went back to the roots of Need for Speed to bring the Cop vs. Racer back into the next-gen racing world and it was perfectly executed. The game is set in a fictional county that is somewhere in California call Seacrest County, where the most fastest cars in the world come together to race to see who's the fastest and to attempt to outrun the fastest Police Department in the world, the Seacrest County Police Department (SCPD). Players will have the chance to drive their dream car. From everyday common cars like the Mazda RX-8 to the most rarest, exclusive, and fastest cars like the McLaren F1. Every turn you make, there's always something beautiful waiting for you, including cops that want to bust you. From the open deserts to the beautiful beaches, you're eyes will be wanting more from every view of Seacrest.

    The gameplay is second to none. Driving on both sides are both balanced so either side isn't too fast. While racers are able to charge their nitrous with dangerous driving, cops can drive fast to charge theirs. Each side their own unique weapons and cars. While both sides have access to Spike Strips and EMP, racers have access to convertibles cars as well as jammers and turbo weapons to evade the law, while the cops have access to roadblocks and helicopters to slow down or stop the racers dead in their tracks as well as the regular versions of convertibles. While racers play like the normal Need for Speed, where players have to avoid or wreck cops while going for 1st place, while cops play Burnout style, busting suspects by damaging them with various force, shutting down the illegal race before it ends. Players can also jump between racer and cop freely if you decide to change sides in the middle of your career.

    And if you thought shooter games were the best multiplayer games, think again. Criterion Games introduced a new multiplayer system called Autolog. This system centers you and your friends. When you set a time, it'll be posted on to the Speedwall. If one of your friends beat it, Autologs lets you know when you jump back onto Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, increasing the competition between you and your friends. And if that's not enough, you can also take pictures of your cars or scenes that you like and it'll be sent to the games website for your viewing pleasure. You can also share your thoughts about events and pictures.

    The only little flaw I found in the game that's troublesome is the AI. They have the tendency to keep up very well, smash you off the road in hot pursuits, avoid spike strips very well if given the chance, and roadblocks don't seem to faze them that much unless they run directly into it but they do let you win near the end of events. All in all, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is the best arcade racer I have played in my many years of gaming. Sure, there are other arcade or simulation racing games out there that may match up or even surpass this game but Need for Speed Hot Pursuit in my opinion, tops them all and has won my deepest respect.

    Gameplay: 4.5/5 - Both sides are balanced and feels very addictive, if you mind the perfect AI.
    Graphics: 5/5 - Seacrest County and every car look beautiful and gorgeous.
    Sounds: 5/5 - Every car sounds great. Even SCPD radio chatter is done very well.
    Replayability: Very High - Autolog lets you know if your records get bested, making you want to come back to beat it again.

    Final Score: 5/5 - Definitely worth your money.

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