So er, yes, we had some snow last night. Not sure if anyone noticed really, but it was kinda a Big Deal here. Or something.

Of course, I had to get into the city to take some photos. Don't ask why, I just did O_o;

So I first got to NoHo, got some shopping things done and had food. Also took the following photos:

1. This is Broadway around Bleecker st, facing south.

2. The Noho Star, a fairly decent eatery all things considered.

After NoHo, I took a train down to the financial district, and walked from Rector St to Whitehall St, via a few interesting side-streets. And yes, took some more photos.

These were taken at one of the historical areas, where they kept the street covered in cobblestones (that you can't see) and left the original buildings up as well. Lotsa bars here.




Done there, I headed to Water St (used to work around there at one point) and started heading down towards the Whitehall St station.

6. This is a Vietnam war memorial in the 151 Water St plaza. The building there was featured in a rather cookie-cutter romantic comedy called Two Weeks Notice back in 2002. I know this because I used to work in this building at the time of the shoot.

7. The Staten Island Ferry terminal, and a sign I've finally reached the safety and relative warmth of a train station.

And here, happy with the photos thus far, I headed home. Alas, it was not to be as simple as I had hoped. After all D trains (the line I need) were re-routed over the N line, it was annoying, but doable. Then we got stuck for a bit over two hours because a train ahead of us managed to destroy its ability to move forward in a rather complete fashion. Fortunately the station they pulled us up to was only about two miles of a walk away from where I live. So I headed off in the general direction of my house. Of course I took some photos along the way.

8. A couple of blocks from where I got out of the train. Have to walk in the street since the sidewalks have something close to three feet of snow on them.

9. Another group of unfortunate travelers in the distance.

10. The view under the subway tracks. The same tracks that I would've normally been traveling on.

11. Garbage truck / Snow plow about four blocks from my house. It wasn't moving, and the driver seemed to be chilling out inside. Whether stuck or just bored, I couldn't really tell.

Then I got home, had a cup of tea fortified with some nice scotch, and thus the day was done. I still think the photos were worth the excursion.